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  1. It is necessary, extremely necessary. But not in the form that exists in the post. in the Soviet space. School is an environment where a child lives part of their small life. And the goal of the school is not to drive it into a framework and fit it to a general standard, but to teach it to communicate, i.e. to communicate, to teach it to learn and love to learn.

  2. If you strictly answer the question “how much”, then so much as it does not turn away from learning , but leads to the desire for permanent education, and not just “crusts”.

  3. So much so that everyone needs it. I will not talk about how important all subjects are, but will give a specific example. In order to understand the mechanism of development of heart defects, I had to open physics textbooks and repeat the movement of fluids and several other topics. How much easier it would have been if I'd learned it in school. In general, when I was a schoolgirl, I would never have thought that I would have to repeat physics after 20 years.

  4. Hi! School education is different. It depends on the educational program chosen by the administration. Unfortunately, many schools today are chasing ratings and funding, not paying enough attention to making the SURVEY interesting. But there are others who strive to make the educational process interesting and useful, without chasing the rating. There are also specific schools, for example, Waldorf or Montessori-they give special training to students. However, these children then find it difficult to integrate into society, there is a discord between the way the system of our state works and the way they are brought up.

    As philosophers of education say, school education will soon cease to be of great importance. An individual educational program will come to the fore. I jokingly call this a return to the Middle Ages, to the models of Oxford and Cambridge, where students formed their own training programs. So the school will change a lot, I hope.

  5. Who needs it?

    Humanity, the state, society, the individual? What kind of school education and in what country?

    We are probably talking about a Russian high school. An adult citizen of the Russian Federation uses no more than 5% of the knowledge offered by the school.

  6. Importance of subjects for the average statistical person:�

    Math problems:Алгеб Algebra (elementary / intermediate-base), Geometry (intermediate/base-course), Информат Computer Science (base-course).

    Social and scientific research:�History (initial/intermediate base), Географ Geography (intermediate base).

    Natural sciences:Biology (primary/secondary base), Physics (secondary base), Chemistry (primary/secondary base).

    Philological services:�Russian/English (base-course), Литератур Literature (primary/secondary-base).

    Labor training:�Labor (base),�Technology (initial-base),�Drawing(base).

    PS-Put effort on those subjects that are closest to you, master the rest to the best of your abilities, but do not launch. You can learn everything else online or take courses.

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