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  1. Show him the Earthmen movies, Dom. It all depends on the character of a friend: how suggestible and receptive they are. You can try to convince them by talking about the biological / physical effects of eating meat on the body. A person with a central nervous system can be persuaded by talking about the suffering of animals. But I don't think it's worth convincing anyone. A person must come to this by himself, and he chooses what is best for him.

  2. If you want to lose a friend, keep hammering his brain that meat is bad, that killing is not good, that even Hitler was a vegetarian, that he is a victim of a global conspiracy of the food industry, and in general that you know better how to live for him.

    At parting, he will knock out your fangs with a right hook – but you don't need them anyway. But you need at least another five meters of intestines – but there is nowhere to take them.

  3. Why convince a person to do something they don't want to do? To me, it's like trying to convince a Muslim believer to become a Christian. All people eat what they think is best for them, and if someone likes to eat meat, let them eat it, and if you don't eat it, it's just your choice.

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