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  1. It is necessary to have a great deal of fun with transhumanism and destroy the person himself, then, perhaps, religion will come to an end. We are already close to modifying intelligence (all sorts of smartphones fully illustrate this “smart” prosthesis), and then completely turning it into an artificial one, replacing ontology with nihitology (hello, the non-essential space of the Internet!), logocentric speech with binary code, and then in a postmodern way. And maybe, in the end, we'll even be able to avoid robocults.

  2. Religion should not be” destroyed “on purpose, otherwise it turns out something like the USSR or the DPRK, when in fact in the minds of people the old religion was replaced by communism, a new “religion”. The fact is that the human brain has evolved to be receptive to religion, so it will have a certain number of supporters in any situation

  3. Evolve and it will disappear by itself. A very ancient part of the brain is responsible for religious feelings. It can even be stimulated. As I understand it, religious feelings are associated with a sense of community, subordination to the highest in the hierarchy and the rules of the tribe, as well as with the division into “friend or foe”. As soon as there is some permanent external substitute regulating the life and social behavior of a person, religion will begin to weaken from generation to generation and die out.

  4. Just at the legislative level to prohibit the promotion of religion, and not only it, among minors. Prohibit the use of any religious rites on minors . “Neither parents nor anyone else can impose a child's faith in anything, I can't force them to perform certain rituals and rites the meaning of which sometimes they themselves do not know. Each person is free to decide for himself whether he needs religion or not.
    I did not forbid my daughter to be interested in all aspects of social life, when she was interested, we attended churches, when she asked a question about what all these people do, I replied: “they believe in a person who has become God, they believe that he will now help them, protect and guide them on the right path, there are other people who believe in other people, objects, signs, etc… Whenever you want, you can read books about it and make your own conclusions. There's nothing wrong and there's nothing good about it, everyone makes their own choice.”

  5. I don't understand why to destroy it?!

    I don't mind if someone sees sense in it, and that's what makes sense.

    We are all different and understand things differently. I don't think anyone thinks the same way, even if we think they do.

    Here's the thing.

    Someone here compares religion with knowledge in the answers, while not realizing that religion does not interfere in any way with obtaining knowledge about the world around us. No religion forbids you to develop yourself, be educated, and so on.

    People's attitude to religion is extremely negative due to mass coverage and brainwashing from all edges and ends of the Internet, television, and thoughts.

    We don't want to understand others, we are individual and don't let anyone into our lives, so we put barriers between ourselves and people, separating ourselves from them, believing that they are not worthy or that they are not as educated as you are. In fact, we hide behind religion from other people like ourselves.

    We began to think that religion is a barrier to well-being, because, as I believe, people no longer understand what they want.

    We do not discriminate between people, holding extreme views and believing that someone is not worthy or deserving of something. Some people use it, use it skillfully.

    We don't want to understand that it's not about religion – it's about us. Religion doesn't control our minds. We are the masters of our own life and we are responsible for it. We are responsible for everything we do, and no religion is responsible. It unites us, while we strive to separate.

    Why do we treat the symptoms and not the disease?! I'll probably never understand it, and even if I do, I won't be able to do anything. I do not know how long this will continue. All these arguments that don't make sense. All these attacks on each other, how long can this be tolerated?! Moreover, 10% of humanity creates 90% of all problems – these are purely rough calculations, but I think in reality everything is not much different.

    Why do we make mistakes ourselves and start blaming someone for this?!

    What's wrong with us?!

  6. Religion destroys itself. No development, no movement. I think this is its last era, then a little bit of critical thinking, intelligence and, voila.

  7. It is necessary to engage in education and development of critical thinking in children from the earliest years. Then any healthy child, without mental and personal disorders, will understand perfectly well that there are no gods and other mysticism in principle. Once a thunderstorm was a manifestation of “God's will”, and then a person got his head around it and everything immediately fell into place. We must understand that if we cannot explain a phenomenon , it is not a manifestation of divinity, it is simply our ignorance.

  8. There is only one way to destroy religion. It is necessary to take all children who are born away from their parents and settle them in a specially created reservation for such people, where they will be taught science. That is, every child born on the entire planet. When the current generations disappear, those who were raised in isolation from this kind of knowledge will populate the planet and there will be no trace of science. But, as everyone perfectly understands, no one will ever do such a thing.

    Then we can only wait, because over time, humanity is acquiring more and more knowledge. We are not so well developed in scientific terms now, because in the Middle Ages the Church hindered the development of science in society. But then progress started and the church couldn't do anything about it. In a couple of hundred (and possibly thousands) years, when humanity has accumulated more knowledge about the fundamental things in the universe, the question of religion will disappear by itself, because it will disappear.

  9. Is it necessary? It is necessary to destroy ignorance, interference in other people's lives, religious aggression, and other unpleasant components of faith in people in something powerful.

  10. It is important to distinguish between faith and religion. Religion is an organized set of rules and rituals, and faith can be a phenomenon that is largely based on logic, and does not contain any system of rituals. Many Christians, for example, do not see the point in rituals, they simply do not understand it, their logical thinking prevents them from participating in them. But they remain believers, and they may not be dogmatists and may disagree with some parts of Scripture, because they understand that all the books were written by people, and people are imperfect, and therefore make many mistakes and contradictions. Also, such reasonable believers understand that there are features of translation, and that books could be rewritten. That is, they are not fanatics, but intelligent and adequate people who are prone to analysis.

    It is hardly necessary to destroy religion in the bud – this will not work, or it will lead to many victims and extremism. But the fact that the state (for example, in Russia) is increasingly connected with religion-plays against the religion itself. More and more people are beginning to feel disgust not only for a particular religion, but even for such concepts as God and faith, which are not the same thing at all. Therefore, it is very important that the state and religion are always separate. After all, the teaching of religion suffers differently – because of the negative attitude of the masses to the imposition of dogmas, and the people themselves-from the same thing. Many examples show that one of the best ways to make a person hate something is to constantly and crudely impose it on them.

  11. Absolutely nothing. If you separate the signs from faith and take only faith in a certain God, there is no way. This is a feature of the human psyche. Even if you disarm a believer with facts, figures, and evidence, a person simply depersonalizes God. And it will strip it of its shape, leaving it with energy. Most people are simply bored when they are alone, and in such circumstances they start to destroy themselves. They need to believe in something that will monetize their boring and monotonous existence. Someone, for reasons of honor, does it. But it's time for us, my dear ones, to understand that, most likely, after our death, no one will write a book about us or make a film about us. There is no need to build yourself up with non-removable blocks. We live as we want.

  12. Everyone remembers the wonderful phrase of Arthur C. Clarke – ” Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” When the technological singularity does collapse on our prejudiced heads, it is not a fact that it will not eventually turn into a new cult. A vivid and simplest example is Marvel's Asgard. A world whose inhabitants have such advanced technologies that have become so common in their everyday life that everything eventually came to an outrage in the spirit of Norse mythology. However, this can only be assumed

  13. We are waiting for the results of the experiment, which has been going on for more than 70 years. North Korea is fining 8 years for possession of so-called “sacred” texts. For attempts to preach them-from life to the death penalty, as well as for rituals. In 50 years, when Jucheism is covered with a copper basin(if there is no nuclear war before that), it will be possible to shoot clean results.

  14. No way.�
    No matter how much you raise people's education, there will always be a couple of “mystics” who will love religion more and more dearly than all the treasures of knowledge accumulated by mankind.
    And you can't shoot them all: inhumane and won't help.
    There will always be people who do not want and will not study, but will follow the instructions of the “mystics”.
    And if you replace religion with faith in science, they will still have a religion, and it will not be better than any of the current religions.
    The only thing that hypothetically can be achieved is to raise the education of the general population, and as a result, the number of believers will decrease to acceptable values. But it is impossible to completely erase religion.

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