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  1. “Someone else's taste” differs from bad taste in that any taste – even if you personally do not like it – causes a sense of harmonious combination, a complete image, and bad taste is just disharmony, poorly combined pieces (not to be confused with eclecticism).

    Example: take a beautiful dress by a good designer, which is designed for a tall, thin model. If the model is wearing appropriate makeup, shoes, and other appropriate accents for the occasion, then her entire image in the dress will be a sample of taste-even if you don't like it. But if the same dress is worn by a plump girl 150 cm tall, from shoes – flip-flops for the beach, make-up “war coloring” – it will already be tasteless. Because it's a blatant mismatch. Both in the interior and in other visual things, this will work.�

    With music, it is more difficult to determine, but here is an example: there are classic samples of “melodic” music, and there is such a product as “music for relaxation for zodiac signs”. Both are kind of melodic, but the latter is tasteless. Not because it is so called, but because it consists of primitive melodic moves that are presented as a work, and even having a certain “psychological” effect. I.e., there are still a limited number of notes and chords, and their harmonious combination will be music, and disharmonious-tasteless.

  2. I'll try to determine. Taste is the original pedophilia (I don't know if we are born with them, or if this is the result of being surrounded at an early age), supplemented by a lively interest and accumulated experience. That is, taste for me is a search and choice, an active action. And it's not so important where the start was. If a person does not care what to wear or listen to, then even if by a happy accident there was a disc of a great band in the car, and the sweater is worn like fashion-these are not signs of good taste. He just got lucky with the “pasture food”. And he didn't have a taste for music and clothes, because it's purple. If a person consumes something that just comes to hand, then this is tasteless. And if you try to understand, find some formulas, if you are interested in the result, then this is taste. Even if our views don't coincide.

    My taste for classical music was just beginning to form, because for most of my life, classical music was just a single academic layer for me. And only now do I begin to notice what exactly I like and what goes by.

    The average post-Soviet interior is tasteless, because people did not think for a minute about individual options, and stuck tiles with a mandatory border, laminate diagonally and red doors. Polyester blouses with lantern sleeves are tasteless. Because they are bought by inertia, I do not try to emphasize my femininity in more refined ways.

    Pin-ups, horror movies, tea ceremonies, and grindcore aren't my thing. But this is the choice and taste of other people.

    Loft style, funky bass, color blocking and art Nouveau elements are all my favorites. My perception was honed gradually, and regardless of trends, this is exactly what I want and this is exactly how I want it)

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