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  1. To quickly learn a foreign language, you need to spend more time studying it, but since there are only 24 hours in a day, of which 8 are desirable to spend on sleep, then there is a limit to the possible speed of mastering.

    The more dependent conditions you are placed in, the more necessary the language will be to meet your basic needs (if there are opportunities to learn it), the faster you will learn it.

    The best option is to put you in a cell with a textbook and examine you every hour while electrocuting you for every wrong answer and giving you food and rest for every nth correct one.

    (this is a joke, of course, but there is some truth in it.)

  2. What is a language? Language is a system of communication with the outside world that develops gradually, like any skill, and needs constant training and improvement. Language proficiency is not an implant or plastic surgery, so the key here is training and gradualism.

    There is a wonderful English film “An Education”, in which the heroine of Emma Thompson tells the naive young heroine the wise phrase “There are no shortcuts in life” (“There are no shortcuts in life”). In my opinion, this should be the motto of students of any foreign language.

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