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  1. I passed the society 3 years ago, and then I prepared not for 3 days, but for almost a year. But now, at uni, I often prepare for completely new subjects and in 1 day 🙂 So I'll do something to help. From your question, I don't understand if you know something, or if this is the first time you've ever seen an object. Imagine that option 2 🙂

    Try to plan out your 3 days.

    Day 1. Take a good reference book for the Unified State Exam, such as Baranov (considered the most complete and concise, so the most useful in 2013), scroll through, understand what the subject includes. If you read fast, then read everything, 400 pages a day with interruptions will overcome. If you are slow, it is better to read selectively, those topics that you do not know at all, where life experience will not help. Take it easy, read thoughtfully, but don't get too hung up on it.

    Day 2. Take CMMs and manuals for solving part C. Understand the rules for completing tasks. This is important for the Unified State Exam, you will be checked clearly according to the criteria, do not take away precious points simply because you are not familiar with them (do not sue points for such mistakes on appeal). See how to fill out the forms correctly, and what exactly points will be awarded in Part C. Once you've figured it out, go to the tasks themselves. It is advisable to find somewhere a couple of fully solved CIMS (in 2013 it was possible to do this on RESHUEGE) and see how to correctly complete tasks. Of course, first you try to solve it yourself, and then immediately look at the answer and fix errors.

    I want to note right away that this does not help much in tests: there you either know or try to guess. But for Part C, this will give you some training. In ANY CASE, do not refuse to solve part C! Society is the subject on which this can and should be done. As already mentioned, many things you know at least by virtue of life experience, and the written part gives you a chance to open up, this is not a test with one correct answer, and here you can get points even without having super knowledge about the subject. This is especially true for the essay, for which in my time they gave as many as 5 primary points (!). Do not forget to read a couple of examples of successful essays, remember the cliches (for the exam, this is what you need, it's better to be original later, the examiners may not understand).

    Day 3.Do not overexert yourself too much. If you have the strength, spend a couple of hours and go through the most controversial places, repeat what did not work out at all. And if it seems that this is too much, then it is better to relax, relax and gain strength before the exam. Do your best to get enough sleep before it, don't let insomnia torment you 🙂

    Good luck! You will succeed! It is absolutely possible to prepare in 3 days, the main thing is to believe in yourself 🙂

    PS I didn't advise you to prepare spurs, because I don't know how difficult it will be to use them now. And I'm not sure about the phone number. But you certainly know that better than I do 🙂

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