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  1. What does it take to effectively teach social studies?

    8 rules from znautvse.com.

    1) Great attention should be paid to the purpose of our subject. Social studies is a practical discipline, so any theoretical position should also be empirical, i.e., life-related, confirmed by experience. Try to find examples from history and life for every judgment, this is very valuable!

    2) In social science, all concepts are actually related to each other: there are major and minor ones. Always try to correlate them, compare them, and think through the connections. It is necessary to start comprehending and learning the subject from the most important ones.

    3) We have a rule: “Study social facts as things.” This means that you need to get used to thinking about causes and effects in the language of our subject, for example, explaining a high level of electoral activity by changes in the political culture of society.

    4) Don't try to explain the term by using it. You can't say “society is a social phenomenon…” when you define it.

    5) High-quality literature plays a very important role. Almost all manuals, by and large, are not very suitable for independent training. Unfortunately, we still have a real problem with this. But there is still something.

    6) The student of social studies should constantly try to think critically about what is happening in society. In the end, his task is to learn how to explain the surrounding life in terms of the subject.

    7) You need to understand that almost all the terms that are in the subject are also found in ordinary language (society, law, etc.). However, their meanings in everyday life and in science are completely different. Therefore, many people tend to underestimate social studies, believing that they “know” what a “social role” or “nation”is. There are also special terms that are not found in everyday life, for example, “conformal behavior”, but there are still not so many of them.

    8) You need to periodically train in conditions that are as close as possible to real ones: take test exams, get an objective assessment of your knowledge from experts on the subject, in order to see weaknesses, progress of knowledge in dynamics.

  2. Are you worried just now, just a month before the delivery?)

    There is an absolutely wonderful manual “social studies” edited by Klimenko and Romanina. In my opinion, this book is very famous, it is actively recommended by teachers and not in vain. Take notes and teach, since everything is written as clearly as possible. Take a closer look at the constitution – it will definitely come in handy; read articles on economics-it will help with essays; refresh your knowledge of history in your head. And, of course, go through the options – the more, the better. Fill your hand! The main thing in this case is to press your ass to the chair and you will succeed.

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