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  1. Fate is like the gods. When you believe, you will find all sorts of confirmations.�
    If you believe that black cats running across the road bring trouble, so it will be.�
    If you don't believe it, they won't.

    There is such a thing-the Pygmalion Effect-a phenomenon that consists in the fact that a person who is convinced of the correctness of a particular information, involuntarily behaves in such a way that this information is confirmed.

    So everyone has their own signs. It's up to your faith and your attitude.

  2. I was returning from a trip. I'm standing at the bus station. Between the platform and the bus , I see something glistening. My eyesight is minus 10, and I wear minus seven glasses. You know how well I can see. I looked closely (without bending down – my height is 162, plus a platform of 80 centimeters) – and very clearly saw the image of the Savior Not Made with Hands. I couldn't leave it on the ground, so I picked it up – it was a laminated icon. I got on the bus, wiped the find with a napkin, and on the back was the 90th psalm. This is a direct sign that everything will be fine. Read the text of the Psalm here. And about this psalm, too.

  3. You know, my experience with the signs of fate has developed since my ~3 session.�

    At first, I paid attention to small things, they say the clock lit up brighter at 17 minutes – you need to learn the 17 question especially if you got a ticket 090090 in transport, you need to better disassemble the 9 ticket, etc.�

    When I realized that this was all nonsense and I never got what FATE HINTED AT, I began to create signs of fate myself.�

    Turn off the microwave in 5 seconds 😀 as if hinting to fate that I want a five.�

    Give yourself a lick to the cat exactly five times for the same purpose.�

    In general, I made my lucky number – 5. (Although for a long time I thought that this was “2”, since once on a girl's fortune-telling book I got 2 as a lucky number…. that's why I was so unlucky, because I believed in it)�

    And no matter how strange it may be, I program myself to answer certain questions that come across themselves.�

    So it is with the signs of fate, what I want is what I see! And it works:)

  4. When incredible drifts of events happened in my life, I was convinced every time that accidents are not accidental! And what is it, if not fate?
    I've never tried to recognize the signs of fate, but sometimes I flirt boldly with her.
    Example. I was away for a long time, we kept in touch with the MC by phone. At some point, they had a big fight and didn't communicate for a while. When I got back, I found out that he was in the hospital. After calling the doctors and nurses, the medical staff realized that my chances of getting to him were not great, only close relatives were allowed. And he could easily have refused to see me. But I still dared to visit him with a mental ultimatum that if I was allowed to see him and he did not refuse to see me, then this is fate, in my life this person will still play his part. And if I didn't get to see him, I promised myself never to bother him again, never to seek him out, just to forget him.
    As I amused myself on the way to the hospital with my rapid heartbeat and shaking hands, I couldn't stop wondering how everything went so smoothly: I was allowed in and wasn't denied a date.
    In general, in difficult situations, I do everything in my power, and everything else develops as it should be.

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