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  1. From this point on:

    We recommend you to start reading:

    1. Murray Rothbard: “Towards a New Freedom: A Libertarian Manifesto” (read in tg here ( or listen to audio (

    2. Humer “The Problem of Political Authority” (our post about him ( and the book in PDF (

    3. David Friedman's “The machinery of Freedom” (currently in translation) ( from Ankap-chan, the original is also here (

    4. Хоппе: “The economics and ethics of private property” (PDF (

    5. Albert Jay Nock: “Our enemy, the State” (PDF (

    6. Kinsella: “Against intellectual property” (our post about him (

    7. Mises: “Human Activity “(PDF (

    8. Jesus Huerta De Soto “Socio-economic Theory of Dynamic Efficiency” (PDF (

    9. Hayek: “Individualism and the Economic Order” (PDF ( or listen to audio (

    10. Стрингхэм “Private Governance: Creating Order in Economic and Social Life” (PDF (

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