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  1. Pagan myths are a very complex phenomenon, since they combine a huge number of symbolic systems spread over vast territories. At the same time they have different forms of fixation we know about some of them based on certain generalizations and compilations like the Greeks or Scandinavians some myths have already been fixed by anthropologists and so on. That is, what we consider pagan myths is a very late stage of their existence. Even among researchers of mythology, the topic of studying the genesis of mythology, that is, how they arose, is very popular. Pagan myths are the result of the activity of a large number of people over a large number of years. And we only see the tip of this iceberg.

  2. There is a very good book by Vladimir Propp on this topic, “The Historical Roots of a Fairy Tale”

    e-reading.clubA very large amount of material and very fascinating demonstrates that fairy tales are basically a retelling of the ancient rites of initiation into the profession and initiation.

    Although the reservation is made that only fairy tales were studied, but it seems that this is generally an important topic of mythology.

  3. This is usually where I start my speeches:)

    Our ancestors were no more stupid than we are. They lived in the same world as us, and studied it by the methods available at that time, mainly empirical. and, just like us, they described it. They did not speak a modern technical language, but they described the world in a language that was accessible to themselves-the language of myth. And this knowledge has also been taking shape, just as modern knowledge about the world is taking shape, just much longer.

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