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  1. The soul and consciousness, unfortunately, are only properties of living matter, i.e. protein bodies, as given in the definition of life (life is a way of existence of protein bodies), and not living matter itself.

    The soul probably has any organism that has vision (no wonder they say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul), i.e. viruses, bacteria and plants do not have a soul in the generally accepted concept, in literary works you can find allegories of animate plants, although undoubtedly bacteria and plants belong to living matter, viruses can only be considered living matter in the active phase.

    Most religions give a soul only to a person, because God created a Person in his own image and breathed a soul into him.

    The concept of consciousness has two meanings in the sense of being conscious, i.e. awake, and in the sense of having consciousness, i.e. having some property that determines the presence of reason (in this sense, religion identifies consciousness with spirit), we will be interested in the second meaning.

    Thus neither religion nor worldly concepts identify soul and consciousness with matter, i.e. neither soul nor consciousness is any form of matter. The only difference is that religion considers the soul divine and, apparently, therefore immortal, but not material.

    The soul and consciousness are one of the most remarkable phenomena of nature.

    The world has already changed once, when living matter appeared, and then Man, and with it consciousness, and man learned to know himself and the World.

    Thanks to consciousness, a Person has learned not only to know the World, but also to accumulate knowledge and pass this knowledge from generation to generation.

  2. CONSCIOUSNESS and INFORMATION are real and objective and are a property/state of matter – this is one of the main scientific points of view.

    The WORLD will change significantly positively with deep research and understanding-consciousness, information, and the soul.

  3. Soul and consciousness are not matter, but programs.

    The soul is the genetic code that creates an organism.

    Spirit is an algorithm (a program of thinking) that allows you to set goals and achieve them.

    And why should the world change from this understanding?

  4. I don't think the world would have changed very much. But it would still have changed. Here's how many people out of a million would subscribe to this question and think exactly the same as its author? For how many people is the existence of their own soul and consciousness doubtful, and if science does not prove it to them, then all this is not there? I hope that for every million people like this-count on your fingers. And if science proves it to them, then the world will change in the sense that these people, as part of the world, will change their beliefs and biases. Just don't get your hopes up: science will never prove it. That is why it is a science with its own possibilities and limitations. So in matters of consciousness, soul, conscience and other subtle matters – one should not rely on science. It's better not to be bad yourself 🙂

  5. The fact is that consciousness, by definition, is the process of subjective perception of the existence of the world. �And subjective perception is also subjective, which is inaccessible to an external observer. Trying to “get into the skin” of another person and directly feel what he feels-at most, you can observe his reaction or repeat his actions, but we will never know if we felt the same as a result. Whereas science deals mainly with empirical processes that are accessible to external observation, experiment, in short-building a more or less objective model of the world. That is, it is impossible to scientifically prove the existence of consciousness. And not because scientists have not yet discovered something there, but in principle-because science deals with completely different things.

    On the other hand, any person can assume that since he perceives the external world, since he is conscious, then other people who are structurally similar to him, too. It seems to me that such a reasonable assumption is still accepted by the majority of people, and even the sciences.

  6. In principle, what do we actually understand by matter on the basis of modern scientific ideas?

    What we can feel, measure, feel, see….??? Strictly speaking, the fact that the soul and consciousness are the effects of matter, namely, has an electromagnetic nature, I think there is no doubt about it. If we proceed from the fundamental law of materialism about energy, the death of a person is a transition from one state to another , it cannot disappear or arise from anywhere. But at the same time it is necessary to clearly understand that nothing can happen without external intervention , i.e. even this law must be made so that it works, and here, of course, the will of the Almighty is unlimited. Only the Supreme knows fully and is subject to the laws of consciousness.

  7. I believe that it would have changed significantly.

    it is the knowledge that there is no end point, that you will stay, even if not physically-most likely will change the idea of death and people, perhaps, will begin to take it more calmly, accept aging, for example, as one of the processes in the body,change their attitude and stop being afraid of death as such, in general.

    but in general.

    we're already stuck with the things we truly love. that's why poets just go over the edge, but they never die. the soul is in what you serve.

    it all depends on the person, really.

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