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  1. In my opinion, not even a proposal fits perfectly, but the word compromise.

    Compromise in achieving a common goal and / or the goal of each of the spouses.

    After all, all people are different and marriage has its own meaning for everyone. Most often, it seems to me, people in marriage need: a permanent sexual partner, a spouse companion or friend, financial well-being, social status, a delicious dinner 🙂

    There are countless reasons, but each person, including in one family, has a different set of reasons to unite with another person in marriage, so I believe that the most important thing in marriage is compromise.

  2. In my opinion, the theme is perfectly revealed by proverbs like those where two boots are a pair, and the husband and wife are one Satan.

    Strangers autonomously develop similar views on life, then they live together for many years, as a result of which they develop common habits, facial expressions, family traditions and mad skills in mind reading and team games.

  3. The sentence itself: You have the same person that you call your family, once a stranger, and now the most native. (Explanation for symbols: From married life, when you create a family for love, you do not lose anything, but only gain. But no manipulations on both sides, as often happens – in your family you have the right to be yourself)

  4. You can stick a wet finger in your ear and you won't get anything for it.

    Nothing has changed, but less freedom (the young man replied).


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