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  1. Pessimism and cynicism are different categories that reflect different aspects of the life position.

    Pessimism is the expectation of the worst, the belief that everything will go according to the worst scenario and/or end with the worst result. A pessimist may not be a cynic at all, but quite the opposite.

    Cynicism is the reduction of any human actions, both one's own and others', to some base motives – the desire for profit, personal power, etc.A cynic may well be optimistic about his own selfish desires.

    So before you get rid of anything, it's a good idea to first figure out what's what.

  2. As an option, get acquainted with the basic concepts of Buddhism and Eastern philosophy in general. Perhaps you will accept them and your cynicism will take on the character of realism and detachment.

  3. It is only necessary to get rid of painful suspicion. �And from painful anxiety. In the meantime, the disease is far away, all this is more of a plus than a minus. However, even a delusion of stalking does not guarantee that you are not being stalked…

  4. I doubt that this is cynicism. It is born out of arrogance and a desire to stand out. As if the cynic wants to show everyone that his ideals are better than others, although their nature is a figment of the imagination of the person himself. This applies to all ideologies, there are no good or bad ones among them, there are convenient ones or not for certain people. It is important to understand that cynicism is primarily a mockery of someone who has decided that their beliefs are more important.

    As for pessimism about kindness, the first thing to think about is how exactly you tried to evoke it. In most cases, this is the problem.

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