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  1. You need to define the concepts. Since simulation is an appearance, a pretense, a desire to mislead, and it denotes human behavior. Predestination is not a medical term, that is, it does not belong to the body, but to the spirit. And theology and medicine are different fields of knowledge. Leave these questions to professionals to solve. But, a person is able to change the way of thinking, and therefore the way of acting. It may be possible to refute the claim that everything is predetermined. As for the simulation, this is a lie. An image of something that isn't actually there. The world is a reality filled with absolutely concrete, tangible, visible objects. It's a man's head full of stuff. First, you need to put your thoughts in order, and then try to consciously analyze what is the subject of your thoughts. If you find it difficult to understand yourself, you need to ask for the help of people who can help you with this. Read more, play less. Maybe you will finally see that the world is not a computer monitor that displays the plot of a game written by a programmer for money.

  2. Predestined by whom? Why are they predestined? Turning on the mind, you can find that a person is able to make decisions, consciously make choices. It is noteworthy that any person who believes in predestination most likely takes medication when he is ill, does not drive summer tires in winter, and does not cross the road at a red light. That is, by his actions, he refutes fatalism.

  3. In the scientific community that does not live by cliches and really tries to understand the world, there are currently only two versions of what the universe is.

    The first version is a simulation, a matrix. This is a construct created for the purpose of our use by someone. This version is followed by those who today promote wholesale digitalization. This is Elon Musk, for example. These “comrades” are trying to lower their understanding of the universe to the rest of the world: if the universe is a simulation, and someone is behind it, then we will arrange the same scheme on our planet and become parochial gods. The Matrix movie had a different ending to the original idea, there was no happy ending. The essence of the ending is that when Neo is selected from the matrix, he still remains in another supermatrix. The authors wanted to tell us that even if we get out of capitalism-liberalism, we will still remain in a matrix over which we have no control.

    The second version is a single organism. Humanity in it is something like a cell, most likely a nervous one, since we are best at generating information. People in this body have a certain degree of independence, but the main program is still set by the organism-the universe through the influence of the sun and other natural mechanisms. It's just like in an organism: if a cell performs its function, it gets resources. If not, they try to treat it, and if this fails, they recycle it. This version was directly or indirectly followed by the Russian cosmists. The second version implies the transfer of the scheme of the organism to the whole of humanity: not competition, but a well-coordinated harmonious common work.

    Personally, I prefer the second option.

  4. The Matrix movie is interesting, but it's just a fantasy on the theme of another game on the theme of simulating the consciousness of humanity.

    But the film has many shortcomings that do not correspond to logical concepts.

    No matter how smart a car is, it only follows a certain program to build and complete its spare parts according to certain instructions. And the machine has no action above the instructions.

    Therefore, the machines could not have guessed to create biological bodies of people and grow them from babies to adults, controlling their nutrition and metabolism.

    Now scientists still can not understand why there was a biological living cell and living organisms, if in the laboratory by simply mixing chemical reactions, living organisms are still not able to create.

    The miracle of birth and the life of biological animals and humans is still not understood by anyone. One thing is clear: living life is possible on Earth only thanks to solar and terrestrial radiation, nitrogen, oxygen in the air and water.

    Secondly, the temperature of people is 37 degrees, so this energy is too small for cars to exist. And the maintenance of growing bodies requires energy.

    No higher consciousness needs to spend time creating a zoo of people with imposed consciousness.

    All this takes time, a lot of energy to create electricity, to turn on a multidimensional computer, to play it.

    As we can see now on Earth, everyone lives in the forest, some for firewood. And there is no specific scenario that leads the characters to any bonus winning or losing finish line.

    In view of saving energy and attention without distraction to details, the game of “Humanity”should have only young people.

    Simulation for this and simulation for that, the game should be exciting, not routine. Therefore, children should not be born, old people should not appear, who grow old and get sick, and they are endlessly treated. And why then in the game it is boring to force students to sit all day and stupidly learn something, wasting time on most of the knowledge.

    Humanity in the course of its development has developed its own brain, which has learned to think and , most importantly, the human mind is already able to separate the consciousness of the person himself from the consciousness of other people. Although it is difficult for people to survive alone in Nature, in the comfort of a social society, a physically weak person, but having a creative, active human brain, creates transport and equipment that makes a person more powerful than strong animals.

    A person has acquired an internal logical speech and realizing his isolation-individuality from people and society, a person plans his life according to his thoughts. Therefore, it seems to some that a person is carrying out some kind of program for the development of his life, not realizing that acquiring life experience through trial and error and obtaining new life knowledge, a person is trying to survive in this world.

    But often illiterate people who do not have full-fledged logical knowledge. Often these are young people with little life experience, who are influenced by the thoughts of various people who organize their lives to fulfill their own life interests. Therefore, such people feel their dependence and believe that they are in some imposed reality that does not meet their own interests.

    Animals have a common consciousness, so who has more energy leads the animal pack to food and survival. As soon as the energy weakens, then the pack is led by a new leader.

    There are also people who live as social animals with primitive brains that use only their conditioned instincts.These people also get together in survival packs and go after a strong leader.

    But there are people who have developed their own brain, which can make logical conclusions and conclusions that are adequate to real life.

    Hands who are not afraid of any work and people who do any work so responsibly and with inspiration that this self-improvement leads such people to the highest development of the creative mind and the acquisition of new knowledge that enriches their mind and the joy of their life.

  5. I think-yes, we live in a simulation. In fact, this is also confirmed by all the world's spiritual practices, such as faith in God, contemplation of the Buddha or Tao, and knowledge of Being. They all claim that the real true reality is behind the world we see. In the first case, we are only God's creation, in the second, we are dreams of the Absolute Spirit, and in the third, we are vibrations in the void.

    However, it is not necessary to understand the simulation as a self-sufficient thing, it is always assumed to be real reality. And in this reality, we can also be represented. In religion they are souls, in contemplation we merge into one Absolute Spirit, and only in knowledge are we only an illusion of the perception of emptiness.

    So my full answer is-yes, we live in a simulation, but we are not limited to it. Our actions are predetermined only by the framework of this visible world. I.e., the actions of our avatar are predetermined (these actions can be compared to the actions of a computer in a car that we drive). Outside of the avatar, we have the will and are the creators of this simulation.

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