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  1. I will quote St. Anthony the Great, and then let the author read his question again and reflect.

    So, St. Anthony the Great on God:

    “God is good, and dispassionate, and unchangeable. If anyone, while admitting that it is true and true that God does not change, is perplexed, yet how He (being such) rejoices over the good, turns away from the evil, is angry with sinners, and when they repent, is merciful to them, then it must be said that God neither rejoices nor is angry: for joy and anger are passions.

    It is absurd to think that the Deity was good or bad because of human affairs. God is good and only does good things, but harms no one, being always the same; but when we are good, we enter into communion with God, because of our likeness to Him, and when we become evil, we separate ourselves from God, because of our dissimilarity with Him. If we live virtuously, we become God's, but if we become evil, we become rejected from Him; and this does not mean that He has wrath on us, but that our sins do not allow God to shine upon us, but that we associate Him with tormenting demons. If later, by prayers and charity, we obtain absolution from our sins, this does not mean that we have pleased God and changed Him, but that by such actions and turning to God, having cured the evil that exists in us, we are again able to partake of God's grace; so that to say: God turns away from the evil ones is the same as to say: the sun

  2. Please note that yousomehow you know what's fair and what's not – and who told you that? If you believe him, then believe about God, and if you don't believe him, then maybe it's not true about God either.

    Yes-suffering can last forever if a person does nothing, and this is really true. No one will pull a person out of hell by force – only the person himself can save his soul by his faith in the best and real deeds.

  3. You can understand this question.

    But about the same as understanding the answer to a question:

    Why do my parents have a pear tree and get sick with scab and it is attacked by various insects and the fruits are small and sour and the branches dry up and grow slowly?

    To answer this question, you need at least a few years to read smart books, attend seminars at the Academy, and work on the ground with a shovel, pruner, and sprayer.

    The better you understand the nature of plants , the better you understand cause and effect.

    It's a little more complicated with people, but the system is about the same.

  4. Every choice is followed by a consequence. In life, everything is the same: I chose drugs, it will affect my whole life. Chose murder, it will affect your whole life. Chose a sport, it will affect, etc.

    Having made a choice, we do not choose the consequences, although they directly depend on the choice: Right(righteous) choice – good consequences, evil choice – bad consequences.

    However, not everything is so categorical. A person can give up both drugs and further murders and sweets, which will improve their quality of life. And in the eternal plan, a person can choose to accept Christ's Atonement, through which all their sins can be forgiven in case of sincere repentance (stopping wrongdoing and making amends).

    Yet this life (70 years +-30) is given to us so that we can make choices and learn how to make the right choices that will lead us to a place of peace and quiet instead of the torments of hell.

  5. There can be no eternal torment in principle, because God is not a sadist. He absolutely does not need and is alien to evil. Therefore, at the end of time, he will destroy all the evil of the world and hell, and save all people.

  6. God is both just and Forgiving. You just need to understand what hell is. If it's a place from a comic book, then yes, it's weird that God allows it to exist. And if hell is a place where you live next to your own kind? That is, people who have the same sins? Thieves with thieves, suicides with suicides. And here it turns out that it is not God who punishes, but God cannot create an environment for us in which we will live in spiritual eternity. There is such a book” Wanderer in the land of the sky “(“Wanderer in the spirit lands”). The author claims that this book was dictated to him by the spirit of Francesco, whose body died many years ago. And there it is very interesting, without stupid mysticism, very important cause-and-effect relationships of our life and position in the spiritual world are transmitted.

    So we prepare” flour ” for ourselves. And hell begins with life on earth. At the same time, what we can change here, on earth, quickly, in the spiritual world changes only through the actions of the living.. And it is very difficult.

    Well, in fact, why are they “doomed”? Because without the body, we can't change anything. The spiritual essence can change only through the physical world. This is the uniqueness of a person who, unlike animals, angels or plants, finds himself simultaneously in two worlds.

  7. The Bible does not support the doctrine of eternal torment of a sinful person. To make sure of this ,let's turn to the beginning of the Biblical account, when Adam and Eve sinned.Pay attention to what God said to them, to Eve He said, I will multiply your sorrow, you will bear children with pain,your desire is for your husband, and he will rule over you.And he said to Adam, ” By the sweat of your brow, you will finish your bread,and it will bring forth thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the grass of the field until you die,for you are dust and to dust you will return.”Pay attention to these words,it does not say about his eternal torment after life,but on the contrary,God condemned him to torment during life.So when a person dies, it does not matter whether he is a sinner or not,he ceases to exist,i.e. turns into dust and this pumps his life.Hell is a place where everyone who dies goes there.The Bible says that when Jesus Christ died, he was in hell for three incomplete days.This is the common grave of sinful humanity.In Revelation, God promises to completely free hell and bring back those who are there through the resurrection of the dead.So a loving God allows people to come back to life for the second time, thereby giving each person, like Adam and Eve, the opportunity to make their own choice.Rejoice!we still have everything ahead of us.

  8. The question itself is already contradictory: on the one hand, you say that he is just (which justifies punishment), on the other hand, you say that he is forgiving…

  9. Christians believe that it is not God, but the Devil. God is good and saves the righteous. The devil seduces and wants to drag you to hell.�

    But we know that religion is just a way to retain power, to legitimize it. It is much easier to keep a large number of people in line – if they have an “internal policeman” who forbids himself to do bad things. Or God forbid-grumble at the authorities 🙂 After all, it is from God…

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