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  1. Still, now the appearance of our species is attributed to the period about 200 thousand years ago.

    I think a normal modern person would have grown up. The biological basis is like that of any baby, and the entire socio-cultural component is transmitted by upbringing, socialization, and education.

  2. I disagree with the previous answer: not all the socio-cultural component is transmitted by upbringing. There is a generic memory. There is a thousand-year past of our culture, it speaks in us even before entering the conscious age. In other words, we have already heard Pushkin's line somewhere before we knew about Pushkin. Mentally, such a person will be completely unprepared for the information wave that will simply overwhelm him, and, possibly, for the development of language, because the human brain still developed during these 40 (200)years. thousands of years, there will be morphological differences between us and those people. But to identify them, you need the answer of a qualified anthropologist.

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