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  1. Christianity is a process of deification of people. Not to be confused with deification. Roughly speaking, this is the merging of a multitude (people) into a unity (God), in which each part will be a whole. EACH PART=ALL.

    Saints are already deified people. Every saint is God.� At the same time (attention) he retains his identity, his free will.

    Yes, this is not possible. But that is why it is the highest form of being, in order to be incomprehensible at the lowest level.

    To enter the Christian paradise is to enter God. Your free will is exactly the same as God's, for it is absolutely good. This is the consciousness of the saints. Praying to a saint is like praying to God.�

    Note that we say “pray”, “pray to yourself”, those and we are in this topic, in this fusion of FREE wills.

  2. Explain – a normal human desire to establish a closer relationship with higher forces. The Creator of the World is still too big a deal, and Christ's message about God becoming man is too revolutionary for people to accept it right away.

    So people start making up patrons for themselves more closely, following the old pagan instinct. Some of this remains in the culture. Periodically, such veneration of saints takes unhealthy forms (as in the case of the heresy of “tsarism”, for example), and then the church needlework has to take various measures against this

  3. They don't look alike at all.

    The deities of polytheism steered the process. Do you want good luck hunting? Make a sacrifice to Artemis, and she will solve the problem.

    Saints in Christianity are a kind of helpers in prayer. You can pray alone, or you can pray together. Why, in fact, do Christians go to church? It is for this purpose – for joint prayer. And the saints are precisely the helpers in prayer. Simply, if we pray to God for recovery, then it is logical to pray together with those saints who treated others during their lifetime. So to speak, three-way communication – you, God and a specialist in the topic. It's very, very simplistic, but it looks like this.

    At the same time, there are some non-Christians who manage to combine pagan beliefs, superstitions, magic and Christianity. It is clear that from Christianity there are only attributes. This is when the icon is divined. Or like this, as in the picture. There was also an enchanting book by Stepanova “Prayer Shield: charms and amulets”. It is in such conditions that there is a “patron saint” who really differs little from a brownie or pagan god

  4. It's easy to explain: the so-called traditional Christianity came to the service of the state in the 4th century, and before that it was heavily degraded, retreating from the original teaching. After becoming a servant of the state, it began to spread in the interests of the state, massively, without the necessary training, people called themselves Christians and were baptized. As a result, pagan teachings were introduced into Christianity. This is one of them.

  5. it can only be explained by the fact that Christianity is a religion of idolaters and has nothing to do with monotheism

    G-d, when giving the Jews the commandments, repeatedly repeated in the Torah (Pentateuch) and through the Prophets that He is one and there are no other gods, and that everyone can address Him directly, which is still what the Jews do. That there is not and cannot be any intermediary between G-d and man

    How does the Jewish confession work? He retreats so that no one can hear , tells G-d about everything he has done, and promises to make amends in the most serious way. If a Jew has sinned against a person: offended , insulted, etc… before confessing his sin, he is obliged to find the offended person and ask for forgiveness, caused material damage – to compensate for the loss and ask for forgiveness, then confess the sin and give a firm promise to correct himself

    The Book of Shmot (Names, Exodus for Christians) ch. 21, direct translation from Hebrew:

    1. Don't hurt any widow or orphan.

    2. If you make him suffer…! For if he calls to Me, I will hear his cry;

    3. And My wrath will be kindled, and I will smite you with the sword, and your wives will be widows, and your children orphans.

    It is not necessary to pass a giyur and become a Jew, it is enough just to observe the 7 commandments of the sons of Noah (Noah), they are simple and understandable, you can read here https://toldot.ru/bneinoach.html

    Many, having read carefully only the Torah (the Pentateuch), forever “tied” with any Christianity,

    And, for a number of serious arguments, the “new testament” cannot be considered Holy Scripture, but if you analyze it in detail , there are no keys on the keyboard.

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