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  1. Elena, God is indeed one.

    “One Lord, one faith, one baptism…” (Ephesians 4:5).

    Jesus Christ created only one church on earth – the Christian one. And He wanted her to live in unity, love and harmony. But from time immemorial there were heresies. People understood the Bible's teaching in their own way, forming new doctrines and denominations. Satan is behind all this. It seeks to divide believers, mislead them, distort the truth, and misrepresent the Lord.

    The Lord warned that Satan would initiate a rift and split the world Christian community into different parts. And the Apostle Paul warned about this. And here is his prophecy:

    So, pay attention to yourself and the whole herd…shepherd the Church of the Lord and God. For I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come to you, not sparing the flock. And men will arise out of yourselves who will speak falsely, so that they may draw the disciples after them.” 20:28-30).

    And when we look at history, we see that this prophecy has been fulfilled. Two dangers lay in wait for the Church of God: the physical destruction of the faithful to God, and the appearance of heresy, error, and disunity among Christianity.

    The Apostle John echoes the Apostle Paul. And in the book of Revelation gives the following prophecy:

    “And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman * clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was in the womb and cried out in the pain and anguish of childbirth (Rev. 12:1-2).

    * In Biblical prophecies, the wife (a pure, immaculate woman) is a symbol of the church of God.

    At the same time, the Bible tells us about the existence of another church:

    “And he led me in the spirit into the wilderness; and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names, with seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and was adorned with gold, precious stones, and pearls; and she had a golden cup in her hand, full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication; and on her forehead was written a name: mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.” 17:3).

    This prophecy shows us a church that has departed from the truth, that is, all false Christians at all times.

    Historical facts

    Towards the end of the second century, most churches were transformed; when the first disciples of Christ went to the grave, the original simplicity disappeared. Even the state authorities tried to make Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire. This happened under Constantine. He promised not to persecute Christians if Christian teachings were mixed with pagan rites and beliefs.

    This is why there are so many misconceptions in Christianity. The new Christians were essentially the same pagans in their thinking and habits…Their mass adherence to the Church did not eradicate paganism. On the contrary, the mass baptism of pagans led to the fact that paganism significantly undermined the morality of organized Christianity.

    If it were not for this confusion, there would not be so many churches and religions in the world. If the church had not compromised, had not yielded to the influence of the authorities, Christianity would not have been fragmented.

    In the Middle Ages, there was a multi-stage gradual falling away of Christianity from the truths of God. In the 11th century (1054), there was a major schism when Christianity split into Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. All this happened because from the first centuries the church did not remain faithful to the Word and Law of God. Then began the active persecution and persecution of the true followers of Christ.

    In Europe, from 538 to 1798, some Christians burned others at the stake. The medieval Inquisition appeared. Reading the Bible was forbidden. Many people at the top of the Christian world were afraid that if the common people got out the Bible and studied it, they would find out the truth and see the discrepancy between the practice of medieval Christianity and biblical truths. The Bible was hidden, burned, and those who read it were tortured. 100,000,000 innocent Christians, according to a conservative estimate, died because of the Inquisition.

    In the 14th and 16th centuries AD, Europe underwent a reformation. Printing appears. The Bible becomes available to the people. Martin Luther, John Huss, and other reformers called on the church to return to its first-century Biblical roots.

    The church was also gradually transformed. As they received God's light, truths were revealed to them. Churches began to form that sought Christian teaching: Lutherans, Calvinists, Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, and Adventists. With each new revival, these confessions emerged, coming closer and closer to the truths of the Holy Scriptures.

    What is the true church

    At the end of the world's history, on the eve of the Second Coming of Christ, God will also have His true church, just as it was in the first century.

    “If the Lord of hosts had not left us a small remnant, we would have been like Sodom, like Gomorrah” (Isaiah 1:9).

    Pure religion is the imitation of Christ. Therefore, the main distinguishing features of the Remnant Church are:

    • the foundation of faith is based on the Bible;
    • compliance with all the 10 commandments, including the 4th – “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy; six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work; but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it don't do any work, neither you, nor your son, nor thy daughter, nor your servant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor the stranger that is within thy gates; for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea and all that in them is, and on the seventh day he rested; therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it” (Exodus 20:8-11). That is, the true day of worship of God is not Sunday (as in the case of Orthodox, Catholics and many Protestants), but Saturday;
    • He has the testimony of Jesus Christ, that is, the gift of prophecy (Rev. 12:17, 19:10);
    • faith in Jesus Christ as your savior;
    • waiting for the Second Coming of Christ.

    The true church of God should also be for all nations and preach the gospel throughout the world.

    Of course, the Lord said once:

    “I have other sheep that are not of this fold, and these I must bring; and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.” 10:16).

    This means that in the last time the Lord will bring out of Babylon (false churches) He will bring His children to the true church, and then He will come for them and take them up to heaven.

  2. Religions are necessary for those who create them, then benefit from them for themselves, serving in some Church as a clergyman. They receive a good salary, honor and respect from their parishioners. The Orthodox religion, for example, greatly benefited Mother Feofania, abbess and abbess of the Pokrovsky Convent, who runs a chain of hotels in the Russian Orthodox Church and owns a nice Mercedes S-class for about 10 million rubles. This pious woman is no exception. You can be sure that the Russian Orthodox Church, the Catholic and Protestant Churches, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism bring a lot of benefits and all sorts of benefits to their clergy. Let's not forget about the Church of Scientology, whose founder (Ron Hubbard ) he said that in order to become a very rich person, you need to invent your own religion. Every religion needs a flock, because it is at its expense that the holy fathers, pious mother abbesses, Catholic padres and Lutheran pastors, Muslim mullahs, Jewish rabbis and Hindu Brahmins live perfectly. Therefore, there is a constant struggle between Churches for their flock. Let us recall how the holy Catholic Church persecuted Lutherans and roasted them at the stake with all its holy fury. Do you think that the struggle for souls and purity of faith was waged here? No, it was a fight for the parishioners ' wallets. All religious beliefs were conducted in this way: mad fanatics slaughtered each other, but they were instigated by the holy fathers on both sides, and the reasons for this were purely economic.

  3. What you call “religions” in this case are not. Because the term RELIGION itself implies the restoration of a previously lost connection with God.

    All the teaching movements you have mentioned are really just “confessions”.

    There is really only one religion, and that is the Church of Christ … And this Church is Orthodox. God Himself reveals this fact to the world every year in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre with the revelation of the Holy Fire!

    There are no other such phenomena.

    To the question: – ” … why do we need different religions?... “,- the Apostle Paul also answered: -” … Some, out of curiosity, do not preach Christ purely, … and others – out of love, … But before that? No matter how much Christ is preached, whether pretended or sincere, I also rejoice and will continue to rejoice … ” – because any confession of God moves every person to Him.

    • “…why does each religion consider itself the most faithful? … “,- there is such a proverb – On Senka and hat! That is, when there are people who do not rise above a philosophical judgment about God or a sociological perception of the Truth in their understanding of God, there can be plenty of such understandings. And each may well consider itself true … in the light of their understanding of the truth.

    But God is truly ONE, and this God is LIFE!

    And the Way to It is LOVE!

  4. It's not the same thing at all. Different religions give completely different ideas about God. The Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that you have listed are inevitably in conflict, because the Divine revelation and its interpretation by followers in each of them are often incompatible with the other two. If Christianity says that God became man to save the world, and Islam and Judaism say that this is a terrible heresy, then it is quite difficult for them to agree on theological and many other issues.

  5. Why are they needed? – Who needs them? Do you consider yourself capable of deciding what each of the eight billion inhabitants of the planet Earth needs?… “You are mistaken.

    As for “the same thing”, I will refrain from answering.

  6. Each person considers himself right, because otherwise he would change his mind and eventually consider himself right again. For exactly the same reason, entire communities of people form their own teachings and consider themselves right.

    However, even purely logically-there is only one Truth, and everything that contradicts it is a lie. From the same logical point of view, the creation cannot know the Creator in principle, unless the Creator Himself reports something about Himself, taking care of the appropriate evidence that it was He who reported it, and not people who invented it.

    If you look at it this way, only the Biblical narrative meets these criteria. The God of the Bible revealed Himself in Jesus Christ, Who declared: “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6). If these words are true, then all other religions that proclaim any other path to God other than Jesus Christ are wrong, false. And the words of Christ are really true, because He proved it by His life, death, and resurrection. Therefore, the idea of “Allah”, which denies the only way to God through Jesus Christ, is false.

    However, for internal psychological reasons, people in reality do not need the truth, they need something that will please their pride, their habits, their freedom and the desire to keep everything under their control, so they do not want to consider the words of Christ to be true. For this rejection of the truth, God punishes people by starting to believe various kinds of lies. In other words, each of the non-Christian religions is needed as a kind of trap, a trap to trap all those who do not want to accept the truth, and all those who fall into these traps will then be subjected to eternal condemnation.

  7. If God is one, then why do we need different religions?

    No need, only one religion is needed, because there is only one truth and God must be worshipped in truth.

    “And why does each religion consider itself the most faithful?”

    In fact, this question is not accurate. Since there is only one truth, there can only be one religion. Each religion considers itself not the most faithful, but the only true one, because non-conformity to the truth means worshipping a non-true God.

    Are Yahweh, Christ and Allah the same thing?

    Yahweh, which is a Hebrew word, translates as “being,” meaning existing out of Himself.

    Christ is a Greek word meaning Messiah, or speaking in Russian-Anointed One. According to Christian theology, Jesus Christ is God's Incarnate Son, and He can be fully referred to as Yahweh, along with God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. By the way, the word Jesus, Yeshua, is interpreted in Hebrew as “Yahweh Saves”.

    Allah – Islam considers this word to be the proper name of God, but in fact it is a common name, derived from the word “Eloah” and means God in the singular. In the Old Testament tradition, God is called by another word, “Elohim”, which is the plural form of the word Eloah. In other words, the Old Testament already points to Christian Trinitarianism.

    Now to what you wanted to know:

    Judaism is strictly antitrinitarian, meaning they deny the plurality of persons of God, and call Jesus Christ a false Messiah, a deceiver, a charlatan, anything but God.

    Islam is also antitrinitarian, but more lenient, they believe Jesus is just a pious prophet and saint.

  8. God is one, and there are many ideas about him. People's perceptions differ on a wide variety of issues and areas, and these perceptions are not static and change over time (this is a natural process).

    It's not about names, it's about whether we reduce the world's suffering or increase it!

  9. And this diversity is the proof of the ABSENCE of God. Many explanations for one–no explanation. And those who say: “God is one-there are different faiths” simply lies, wanting to convince the interlocutor of the presence of God. And then bring them to your own denomination. How do merchants operate? JUST LIKE THAT!

  10. To begin with, Christ is not a god or a deity, but a high moral principle, which every human being has in its germ, but which is born and blooms in the righteous. We remember the exclamation of the Apostle Paul-Do you not know that you are gods? Remember that the Scriptures say that you must cultivate Christ in yourself.

    There is no true and no false religion. All of them are from the same source and are given to humanity ( different cultures, peoples and races) to lead them on the road to God.

  11. Yes, everything is already clear with them. Everyone explains it in their own way.

    If you need to raise your denomination or current, then the believer will claim that his understanding of God is the most correct, while others are mistaken.

    If a believer understands that the diversity of faiths and trends discredits the main thing – faith, then trying to protect it, he will generalize all religions and say, like, God is still the same for everyone, and discrepancies are trifles related to the current historical development of the country and the mentality of its citizens. This justification has its own hidden subtext – you still need to believe. Moreover, it is better to believe in the God that the speaker has.

    The position also has some influence.

    If a high-ranking person speaks publicly and in the presence of representatives of other faiths, then it is not in his interest to criticize these confessions and he generalizes, saying that God is the same for everyone. But in a certain situation, it will not be difficult for the same high-ranking person to find fault with other faiths and point out their mistakes.

  12. So many identical questions! The unity of God is the foundation of His only religion! Everything else is self-serving plagiarism, to control the masses. God has many names, most of which are His definition,but Christ is the name of His messenger.

  13. Jesus Christ called his Heavenly Father the Only True God when he prayed to him ( John 17: 3), and in the same prayer he called himself a messenger, which means submission, as it should be between the father and the son. Jesus never ” sought to be equal with God.” Completely relying on him and doing whatever his Father wants.
    Allah is not an Arabic word derived from
    the Hebrew word elohim (meaning “gods”), but a plural form of the word eloah (meaning “god”). For Muslims, we are talking about the same one True God.
    In my opinion, the only true religion is one that fully corresponds to the teachings contained in the Bible. Modern religions like to change the truths of the Bible to suit their own purposes. I don't understand why they don't like the Bible.

  14. God is a managerial system of suppressing the individual by obtuse submission. If it is milder, then it is a deterrent factor. Remove all the gods and live with justice, dignity, and respect for human beings. EVERYTHING! What else do you need?

  15. God is one, but people are different. The main thing that you need to understand is that God does not encroach on the free will of a person and if a person chooses delusions then God respects his choice even if it is destructive for a person. So religions are the delusions of people, and all the truth is in Jesus Christ and the Church that He created.

    The Gospel of John

    14:6. Jesus said to him,: I am the way and the truth and the life;

    No one comes to the Father except through Me.

    As for Jehovah, this is the God of the Bible and Jesus Christ himself.

    As for Islam, it has nothing to do with Biblical events, it is simply a state-forming theocratic ideology created on the basis of Arabian rumors, texts and parables, which does not reflect the Biblical teaching in any way.

  16. Yahweh, the Heavenly Father, and Allah are one God.

    The ancestor of humans, Adam, tirelessly told his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren about the need to worship only one Creator. The same one who created Adam himself and the ancestress Eve. Until his death, Adam strictly monitored this. Then Adam died, people multiplied, tribes and peoples appeared. The evil One did not slumber, and people slowly strayed to idolatry, in its various manifestations. From time to time, prophets were sent to bring people back to the religion of Adam. According to Islam, 124,000 of them were sent. Some were sent to the tribes, and 5(five) were sent to the worlds (to all the peoples of the world), despite the fact that they came to the Jews or to the Arabs. This is Noah, Abraham (Ibrahim) Moses( Musa), Jesus (Isa) and Muhammad (sas). Through some of the 124,000, Divine books were transmitted (the Scrolls of Abraham, the Psalter of David, the Torah of Moses, the Bible of Christ, the Koran of Muhammad (sas).

  17. God is not one, there are many gods, so there is monotheism and polytheism. Yes, it is possible to say the same thing, since Yahweh is in charge of Christianity and Islam.

  18. Each religion considers itself true, because at the head of this religion there is a god or gods and therefore it is their religion, their view of life, their direction and naturally, it will be true for them and for their followers.

    Yes, Yahweh, Christ, and Allah are one and the same, but there are other gods besides this god. All the gods on Earth are ruled by Perun, but there are gods above Perun. Therefore, there is one god who stands above all the gods, but he does not have his own religion, since all religions lead to him, but this is not Yahweh or Perun.

  19. The laws also change accordingly to the epochs.
    It is possible that in one century different nations may have received and received different Shari'ahs and prophets.
    And since after the Printing of the Prophets, His Great Shari'ah satisfied all nations and for all ages, there was no need for different Shari'ahs.

  20. Religions are needed in order to hold power over obscurantistic minds and beat up loot.

    Yahweh, or more precisely YHWH (this is an abbreviation), is God the Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit, one person, one God in three forms of his manifestation.

    But Allah in theory is Al (el – God)… Yah-Yahweh, i.e. the God Yahweh.

    But in practice, this is only a name, because if we look at the teachings of Islam in the light of the Bible, it is absolutely not the God Yahweh.

    The problem here is that Abraham had two sons.

    The eldest Ishmael from a slave girl.

    And the younger Isaac by Sarah.

    God said that only Isaac is the son of promise, and only in him will the seed (Christ) be called.

    And put away the son of the slave girl from you, because he inherits nothing.

    From one came the Jews, from the other the Arabs, and this conflict continues to this day.

    But God said in Isaac.

  21. Because all of God's prophets have called for the truth, for MONOTHEISM. But religions were sent down for a certain time and for a certain people because over time the scriptures were distorted and innovations were attributed in order to control people. Therefore, Hashem promised to leave the last holy scripture unchanged, and He kept His promise. This is the holy Quran, and the religion is Islam. God has sent down this religion for all until the Day of Judgment. That's why they accept it. But ignorant people tell newly converted Muslims that they have betrayed their religion, just as other nations told Christians, Jews, and so on, but just the opposite, they fulfilled the duty assigned by God and were loyal, sought the truth in the way of God, found and accepted him. And so the first person to confirm the prophecies of Muhammad was a Christian priest, a scholar of the Christian and Jewish scriptures, and warned that his people would expel him just like the rest of the Messengers.

  22. In the beginning, when God created the first humans, there was no need for religion .They knew who God was and they were in a close relationship with God Genesis 2: 15,16,17.After the fall ,God sent them out of paradise,since then they were left to their own devices,they were left without God.What were the consequences?The older brother kills his younger brother Genesis 4: 8. Even worse, when people began to multiply, they became even more evil,and heavenly angels became incarnate in human flesh and had immoral sex lives with beautiful women, thereby further aggravating the situation of people before God Genesis 6: 1-7.That world became so evil that God had to destroy it.God brought a terrible flood to the earth,all living things were destroyed,only Noah, his family and some of the animals were saved Genesis 7.After the flood, people began to multiply,then people began to have a desire to create their own religion, regardless of the true God.They began to build a tower of worship center,but God did not allow it.He divided their languages so that one did not understand the other,so they wandered about the earth without completing their plan,but they took this idea with them.Since the need for the highest spiritual things was inherent in man,each nation began to create its own God Genesis 11: 1-9.So the religion has come down to our days.Everyone born after all this, already has their own religion, the religion of their people.And everyone believes that their religion is correct.This is his right.But the question is different.What does God himself think of my religion? Is my religion or worship acceptable to the real God?Religion should answer the most pressing questions,such as: what is his name?why are we here?why do we get sick,grow old, and die?Why does God allow evil?how will it all end?what is the future of humanity?These questions can only be answered by true religion.Jesus called happy people who are willing to meet their spiritual needs Matthew 5: 3

  23. Since God is one, so is religion one. And if there are many beliefs, then therefore people have different faiths. Religion, in the proper sense , is the re-union with God and the re-establishment of a connection with Him; therefore, true religion is the practice in which the above-mentioned things are actually carried out.

  24. Different religions are predestined by God or the greed of local worshippers-God doesn't mind. To consider only one's own opinion as the only correct one is typical for any person. It is believed that Jehovah(Yahweh, Sabaoth)=God the Father=Allah, although not all Churches agree. The ideas of the Trinity and the essence of Christ are not universally accepted and proven.

  25. Humanity evolves all the time…so are religions ..according to the latest scripture of the Holy Quran, Islam is the most faithful …god odig-Allah.Christ is a prophet after all …The Bible is not such a Scripture …but the Gospels are …The Bible was created by man and not sent down by God and this is just an Institute of Faith with the help of the Bible they are not mentioned anywhere

  26. In fact, there is only one God. He sent many prophets (peace be upon them) for different times and peoples.

    And most recently, the latter sent Muhammad (PBUH). It is for all mankind and for all time.

    The fact is that people distorted religion!

    Then I will answer like this:
    God already has those who adhere to one true religion – these are Angels. They have no choice but to obey the Lord. And we are given a choice
    If we do a good deed, we will become better than the Angels, because we had a choice of Evil or Good.
    But of course, you can't manipulate someone's religion.

  27. The gods were long gone. Then there were many gods. Then there was one God – the Jews ( so they say), and so that the Goyim (others) would not be bored, the Jews gave them the son of God …This is I. H. but you haven't forgotten about yourself either : this is Judas and 30 pieces of silver. If it hadn't been for him… Jesus wouldn't have made I. H. shorter…there are only Jews in command posts all around. Even among the Russian heroes Popovich wormed his way…
    I won't say anything about Alakh, I just respect him. But The Qur'an Is A Great Book!

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