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  1. If you read the Bible, it becomes clear that this Jewish God is a pathological loser. And a cheater. He promised that if anyone eats the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, “he will die a death.” Cheated, had to be kicked out of Paradise. Why didn't you fence this tree, or make its fruit bitter, for example? They wouldn't even eat it. Okay, I kicked him out and kicked him out. It looks like he turned on the pain of childbirth purely out of revenge. Then I realized that the experiment had reached a dead end, and this all-good and all-powerful decided to drown everyone. It was possible to send the coronavirus even then, having previously vaccinated Noah and his family. But he was not looking for easy ways, and the poor penguins had to paddle from Antarctica to the Arabian Peninsula. He was no stranger to human sacrifice either – think of Abraham, who was seriously going to sacrifice his own son to him. Yes, that Abraham-the very companion of Yahweh, according to the priests, sacrificed his son to atone for human sins. I don't see any logic in this, moreover, he himself broke his commandments about adultery – Mary was married when she got pregnant, as she said to her husband, by the Holy spirit. He believed it. If you are interested, I recommend reading A. Nikonov's book “Opium for the People”, where all these fairy tales of the ancient Jews are described much more beautifully. Here, for example https://www.litmir.me/br/?b=113140&p=1

  2. If God were the Absolute, then He would have absolutely nothing to do. If a higher being than man exists, then the most rational reason for his interest in us would be entertainment. Like a game.

  3. Because the test is not just an exam in which the examiner can put a machine gun, knowing the excellent student as flaky. The test is more like what a sculptor does when cutting stone. On the one hand, the stone is tested for internal defects that can spoil the entire work, and on the other hand, first of all, the actions of the sculptor form the statue.

    The tests that God sends to man are first of all forming a person, and only secondarily testing him. So the problem here is, let's just say, in an inaccurate term.

  4. God knows in advance about our actions, not because He has pre-determined them, but because He simply sees them.

    Illustration: You see a flat two-dimensional sheet of paper, and this sheet shows a graph of voltage versus time. For your perception, this entire graph is integral, and everything that you see – you see as simultaneous.

    In much the same way, God looks at our world – for him, four-dimensional space-time is like the same piece of paper. God does not foresee, but simply sees the past and the future as a single reality. In general, life is not so much a test as a school in which a person is formed and brought up. Even if the outcome is known, you still need to go through training.

  5. In your question, the perplexity expressed in the affirmative form draws attention to itself:

    why did he need to create people and test them, knowing in advance who would be saved and who would not?

    I want to dispel this perplexity of yours.

    To begin with, let me remind you that:

    God is Love

    And Love, as I hope you know for certain, needs LOYALTY! And this Faithfulness is tested by temptations.

    And now, as man is the image of God, the essence of the Creator of the free will of Love, we cannot say that God “knows in advance who would be saved and who is not, “because certainly know that every person God provides the ability to show that LOYALTY, and REWARD a person receives only on completion of the test by the temptations in “school” time of life.

    This is evidenced by the example of the earthly life of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ:

    – from Christmas to Calvary – a period of trial by temptations;
    – Calvary-an example of the COURAGE of LOYALTY to God, the essence of LOVE;
    – REWARD for FAITHFULNESS to LOVE – RESURRECTION to Eternal Life, at the right hand of the Father, in the abodes of Love.

    And then His call: –

    “…if anyone wants to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me …”

    … where, … follow Me, is the Way of every man's temporary righteous life, and – YOUR CROSS-inFAITHFULNESS to Love, the essence of God [Truth … Pravda].

    Now there is the last stronghold of your perplexity:

    .. why did he need to create people and test them ?..

    .. As we know, God created man in His own image-the creator of the free will of Love, but … this is already the first person to abuse this freedom … betrayed Love for the lust of power-to be like the gods.

    Moreover, the legacy of this sin was passed on to children (Cain), so God, in order not to destroy His creation, was forced to create conditions for man in which only the FAITHFUL of LOVE live … by making an effort to do so, they became worthy of eternal Life.

  6. One of the answer options accepted in Judaism:

    1. God is the source of mercy, and he needs objects to manifest that mercy. Well, as a person needs a dog to pet, feed, water. Or a child. 🙂

    2. Freedom of choice and God's knowledge of what choice will be made by a person do not interfere with each other. For example, a teacher with 40 years of experience lives for himself, and he knows his students like peeling ones. And then one day he says: “Children, who will undertake to clean the school yard?” The teacher is 100% sure that the lazy Vasya does not raise his hand, and the angel and excellent student Petya-will raise it and go to clean the yard. However, this knowledge in no way restricts Vasya and Petya's freedom of choice.

  7. Those who came up with all this, did not dig so deep. 🙂 In addition to this question, you can easily ask a dozen more on the same topic. And believers have nothing to answer them. But they still continue to believe, because they really want eternal life. 🙂

  8. “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” says the Lord. But as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. As rain and snow descend from heaven, and do not return thither, but water the earth, and make it fruitful and fruitful, that it may give seed to him who sows, and bread to him who eats; so also my word that goes out of my mouth does not return to me in vain, but does what pleases me, and does what I sent it to do.” (Isaiah 55).

  9. If you knew everything in advance, you would be unbearably bored, and if you were omnipotent, you would create something that is impossible to predict – this is our world: its future is reliably hidden by a veil of quantum uncertainty and depends on our free choice.

    And to determine whether a particular person is good-sometimes you don't even need to be a god 🙂

  10. Exactly! Knowing that Eve will give an apple to Adam, thereby forming original sin, so that later she can give her only begotten son to be crucified… And everything must end with the second coming. What's up!?
    On the other hand, this question can be interpreted in a different way than curiosity, because God knows better, because God knows better. He's the director of this production called life. So Lucifer was born.
    And if you modestly feel like guests on this earth and live your life as a life-long transition(no matter who you are and under what conditions”if you can, change something-change it, if you can't-accept it”), then you can get an incredible impression of any event in life. We were given this opportunity.

  11. With the worldview that the author of the question supposedly demonstrates, there is no answer to it. Indeed, there is no logical need to create one. It's like watching a movie you've watched 100 times before. Not interesting. God does not engage in idle pastimes.

  12. God or the Absolute? God is an invention of something outside of us and everything else is an invention for our family scenarios.

    The Absolute is not separable from Me.

    He IS, he must be AWARE of himself (through Us), and do it FOREVER, for he is eternal.

  13. Jesus called God the Father. This is probably the whole secret. Unlike animals, humans are like children to God. That is, the Creator creates a family, a huge family of those who will love Him as a Father. They will be saved.
    Everyone has a chance to enter the family of God by loving Him and understanding the principles of living in His House. This is the test to learn how to live in love.

    It turns out that life on earth is like a school of love. The unique commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength, and your neighbor as yourself…

    This is the family principle. Preparing for eternity in the Father's Home, where there will be no pain, no evil, and no injustice. Only Love.

  14. First of all, God-porrugaem – nebyvaet. He creates everything, without your consent, whenever and however he wants. In advance, who will be saved-no one knows. If a fortune teller predicted that you would die from a falling kirrpich, would you tempt knowledge and jump from the 12th floor? You won't fall asleep correctly. For example, you can choose whether to burn in Hell or accept the Truth and salvation. Only you make that choice. For He is your loving Father and will not force you to enter Paradise. Does he respect your choice, and do you respect your choice?)

  15. But let's go from the other side. What is the Humanity Project? I'm not very good at Aramaic, so I rely on the Russian translation. In the Bible, at the very beginning, it says, on a certain day, God got bored and created man!!! Who says HIS day lasts 24 earth hours? For example, for Hindus, the day of the gods lasts for several thousand human years. After all, all these books and teachings are based on something, not just invented, maybe reinterpreted, pre-imagined, but based on some truthful phenomenon. So the project was created so that worthy employees of the company would come to the finish line. And when a breeder brings out a breed, does it really matter to him how many are eliminated and can you say that he likes or dislikes his pets? Over time, love has become synonymous with pity, saying that once he loves, he must help. For example, the love of parents for a child is not that it is cherished and cherished, although most people think so. It's about making sure that the child grows up to be a socially adapted person. The more a child can do, the more his parents love him. It's funny to see how mom carries breakfast items to school to a sixteen-year-old blockhead, ” Vasenka had a bad meal at home!”, what will grow out of this Vasenka? Here we are, HE loves us, sends difficulties to make us stronger. We don't get sent tests that we can't pass!

  16. He did not test people, but their faith and love! And He guided them to the right path with the help of the so-called prophets, so that there would be no dirt in his house!! 😇😇😇🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🤔🤔🤔🤫🤫🤫

  17. God is the true essence of every living being. There is a parable about a prince who lived in a beautiful country, who was sent by his parents to a foreign land to get there a treasure that he never had. The search for treasure and overcoming difficulties were necessary for the prince to become self-sufficient, mature and endowed with noble qualities. For there is no other way to become a worthy resident of that country. Thus, this parable answers the question of why God created various and innumerable creatures: people, animals, and others, and subjected them to numerous tests. He is present in every being, and whatever that being experiences, God also knows. Both happiness and suffering , and bliss and pain-all this God knows on an equal basis with every living being. And yet It remains beyond the mundane sensations of pain and bliss. Just as a sleeper experiences suffering or bliss in a dream, without actually having a real reason for suffering or bliss. Only after passing through many trials, the experience of many lifetimes, can a being come to Wisdom, to Knowledge, to Vision, to learn Compassion, Compassion, Love, to find True Good, and this is exactly the Treasure that he never had before, but which will never be taken away from him again.

  18. Counter-question: Why did you think He was testing them? It might look like this from their subjective point of view, about the same as that “The Sun rises” (although it does not rise from anywhere, but the Earth revolves around it), but in objective reality, He led people according to His plan. He not only knew everything that was and will be, but He also created it and continues to create. You ask why He needed it. But again, the counter-question is-why do you need to know this? To see if it makes sense to continue telling the story.

  19. God does not know in advance who will be saved and who will not, it is entirely in the hands of man himself… The only thing that God does at the end of any person's life is to help him achieve the goal deliberately set by the person himself: if a person aspired to Heaven with his whole life, even if he made a mistake and fell, but got up and continued walking, then God will help him get to Heaven, and if a person aspired to hell with his whole life, then God will not put obstacles in his way and will also help him reach the desired hell …

  20. God has given us a huge chance-Existence, a place in this world. For example, what would God do if there were no humans? Angels are only helpers for creating the world, – developers. Animals are not intelligent. But man is an extension of this world. He is A Father, and we are His children. He gave us a choice.

  21. Thus the greatest of the Lord's plans,which is Great,Beautiful,and Mysterious, will be fulfilled.In order not to plunge you into idle speculation,and not to leave in search, I will only say that you can use a natural example.How to find out a person's true greed? Draw a diagram with asterisks? Clearly, the person will follow the prompts.Paint the path with flowers? The person will relax and lie down! We need conditions under ignorance,in which we are.And only those who are extremely persistent will stay with the Creator until the end! But those who fell and did not accept the Lord will not be forgotten.In general, that's all Right! And very interesting!!! The Lord Alone was not mistaken.

  22. If the so-called Yahweh exists/did exist, then I can suggest that he was just bored to know everything, he wanted to see it. Because as a fantasy is not cool, but the movie in real time is cooler. Watch his interview on the Zephyr channel, where he says why he created it. That's a pretty convincing explanation. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5l3yrTG6Mdc

  23. God is not an Absolute. This is not proven, but it is a philosophical fabrication.

    God did not create people and does not test them.

    God is an acceptable, evolutionary phenomenon, and is a mind superior to us, but not to matter.

    It is good for us to understand that we have been given the freedom to collectively save ourselves from self-destruction. That many more civilizations died than were saved. That the highest freedom is that which leads to the transition to the highest level of mastery of matter.

  24. “People are created” not by “God”, but by a Higher Intelligence (the collective Power of Creators, the Hierarchy of Light Forces). Man, as a carrier of consciousness, is the meaning of the manifested reflection of the divine principle-law. When a person gets to know himself, he gets to know the Divine – this is the meaning, and not in the reverse formulation of the question posed. And spirituality must be understood precisely in the sense of knowing the essence of being through the experience of subjective knowledge.

    The salvation of a person depends on the person himself, on his intense striving for knowledge and expansion of consciousness.

  25. According to the Holy Scriptures, God is perfect, but this does not mean that He always knows who will do what. Although he could use his infinite wisdom, but he doesn't do it. God created man for an eternal and happy life on earth, so by giving man free will, he gave him the right to choose: live with God and be eternally successful in life, science and technology, or live independently of him, make mistakes, get sick, grow old and die. The tree of knowledge of good and evil was not some magical tree that gives knowledge, knowledge is given by God, but this tree was the legal right to decide who in a person's life will define such concepts as good and evil:

    “but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat of it, for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die” (Gen 2: 17).

    God expected Adam to use his free will correctly, and think not only about himself and his children, but also about the feelings of God, so God did not control him, and did not calculate how he would act, because God, as a loving Father and friend, prefers trusting relationships with his children, and was sure that He created man perfectly in His own image with the ability to Adam betrayed his Creator. And what will we do? Would you like to learn from the Bible what you need to do to make friends with God and receive from him eternal life in a restored paradise on earth? After all, Jesus said, ” Happy are the meek, for they will inherit the earth “(Matthew 5: 5).

  26. Let's assume that this is the case initially, then there is a chance that he is just bored and lonely. He gave us a piece of himself, like a seed thrown into the fertile soil, and is waiting for us to grow up and be able to keep him company (The most optimistic hypothesis 🙂

  27. Good people are unwillingly sinful it's time to smoke, to start that we are with you in the chariot of time sealed long ago days of the past sunk into oblivion where the new is well forgotten old everything has its time and everything returns to normal … eternal memory infection information excites us with radio waves in our own way thoughts. DAR -Long-distance Radio Communication. And you thought that thoughts would be born in your heads, or what? Then it is better not to think, but, precisely, think fast over the thought as over the ice surface with skates…

  28. There is a series of books “Conversations with God” by Neil Donald Walsh. It explains something like this: God knew everything, but He didn't try anything. In order to try it, he divided into many small parts (each of us is one of these parts), and created a physical world. Now it tries and develops. And he wants to try everything – both good and bad, and kindness and violence, and prosperity and poverty. Because the physical world consists of unity and the struggle of opposites (this is my idea, not Walsh's, I have a Soviet education) And who will be saved is already every man for himself, it all depends on us.

  29. God created us in His own image to pour out love and receive it back, because only someone like you can understand the full extent of love. As for the trials, I think this is just a teaching, and as you know, only those who do nothing and personal growth comes with experience are not mistaken. regarding salvation, I think everyone will be saved if you rely on the Bible) If you look at the Book of Revelations, then most likely no one can resist))) that is why all the names are written in the book of Life, do not you think that some part of people is not there, God does not choose and Jesus did not come to the righteous🤷 ♀ ️ just someone misses his kingdom in the world and the entrance to the Heavenly Jerusalem, most likely, they will be closed, as they say, in paradise on the edge 🤷 ♀ ️

  30. This is how God educates His children. It is their children who were predestined to salvation before the creation of the world. Other people are of animal origin from the seed of the serpent, from Satan, and therefore God has prepared his way for them in advance – to return to the dust from which they were taken.

  31. for example, if I know before . that the Chernobyl power plant will explode . and 50 thousand people will die then I get into the time machine . and I come to them and say . there will be an accident . Option 1 they believed me . and they're trying to stop the reactor . and they didn't work out and it exploded, then I'm to blame for getting in the way . Option 2 I don't tell anyone what not to say . I don't save people's lives . and the reactor is still an accident and an explosion. and what to do . save people . or don't save it . it turns out that they are doomed in any case . or you should try to save people, even if not all of them .

  32. God is not an absolute, as you say. God is God.

    Absolut is a Swedish vodka. If you have an extra thousand, buy it and try it, it will immediately become clear. I don't know, of course, and I may be wrong, maybe you already bought it, and now you are in the “absolute”, but, all the same, this does not excuse you.

    God really knew everything in advance, he foresaw every thought or action of his creatures, and in order to make sure that he was right and convince the creatures of this, he put not only life into you, but also the life program that inevitably and with all the evidence at a certain stage publicly reproduced this question about God and the “Absolute”. God did a brilliant job. But God has also provided for such cases when programs embedded in creatures as models of behavior can include feedback, and in this connection they sometimes go as if “on the lead” of its carrier, i.e. but in this case, then there are different “failures”. Your problem is that you didn't learn the rules of the Russian language very well and forgot to write the name of the brand of Swedish vodka (by the way, very high quality) with a capital letter, and put quotation marks (in any case, this is a proper name). That's all. There is no question. Just look at yourself in the mirror and everything will fall into place. Seriously. And don't get too carried away with “Absolute”.

    In the world, everything is good in moderation.

    And be sure to make the sign of the cross.


    I don't have any more questions for you

  33. Yes, it's much easier… Imagine that you are God. With the corresponding limitless possibilities. Would you fly in the dark void, or would you still prefer to have fun with your creation?

    Moreover, as I try this state of affairs on myself, I will say: when the first acts of creating more than predictable worlds and animals would have already bored and bored me, I would have tried to entertain my mind with attempts to go beyond my capabilities. In particular, solving the problem of creating something (someone) who would be unpredictable even to my omniscience…

    Are we created in the image and likeness? So the opposite is also true. And a person tends to look for boundaries, and then try to find a way to go beyond them. Therefore, this may also be true of God. And provided that he is also omnipotent – an interesting dilemma turns out…

  34. This is the number 1 question in religion and about God .I assure you, not one believer will not give the answer,and here the truth and answer is that there is no God.IF GOD IS ETERNAL AND THERE IS NO PAST,PRESENT OR FUTURE FOR HIM, THEN HE KNOWS BEFORE YOU ARE BORN WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!SO WHERE IS GOD'S GRACIOUS CHOICE FOR EVERYONE FROM A LOVING GOD!? THE GREATEST DECEPTION OF MANKIND WITH ALL THESE GODS.INDEED, religion IS THE OPIUM OF THE PEOPLE.

  35. All people know that their children will die. Simply because there were no immortal people in the entire history of mankind. Does this prevent you from giving birth and enjoying your children? In the example I gave, a person can't influence the situation in any way. God does not create each individual person, but humanity, provided instructions on how to be saved, and even showed the example of resurrection after death, so that those who refused to be saved would not have objective reasons to make claims. God knows who will escape, but He does not oblige them to perish.. “It's better to regret what you did than what you didn't do.” God created humanity with the possibility of resurrection after death. You can't kill anyone in the womb who doesn't want to use this opportunity. And it is all the more stupid not to allow the existence of those who will be saved only because they will be killed by their own donkey stubbornness.

  36. Your question is very interesting and profound. I will try to answer it from the Christian point of view. I'll try to keep it short, but as complete as possible.

    Let's divide the question into two aspects:

    1) why did God create the world

    2) if God knows who will be saved and who won't, why would he create those who won't be saved

    The answer to the first question is: God is love, and He created this world and man in it because of love. Like the artist, it is strange to ask why he created the picture — the artist draws canvases because of the creative principle laid down in him by God (and created man in His own image). The world was created perfect. Man was given dominion over the land (Genesis 1-3). But since a loving God gave man free will (otherwise it would not be a human, but a robot), man had the right to dispose of freedom as he wanted, and at a certain moment man chose to rebel against God, that is, sin. According to the laws by which this universe was created, this led to death, and accordingly the spread of human power, to death, diseases, etc., not only of the person himself, but of the entire world. Now people are dying, and the” prince of this world ” is called Satan, who led man into sin.

    Here we move on to the second question.

    See, if God gives a person freedom, it means that a person can do good or evil at will. Choose life or death. God wants man to choose good and life, but he cannot force him to do so, as this will limit his free will. He should not constantly restrict him and others from the consequences of sin, either, since this is tantamount to deprivation of free will — remember that the consequences of actions are limited to the insane, who are placed in rooms with soft walls. That is, if a person has free will, accordingly, he is responsible for his actions and he and those around him reap the consequences of his actions. This is the cause of injustice and evil.

    The question “why did God do this if He knew everything beforehand” is even more difficult to answer in a short way.

    God, according to Christianity, is not in time space, for Him time does not exist as it does for us. Therefore, it cannot be said that He “knew” something, since for Him there is no past in our understanding.

    In general, the question of time is very interesting, but this is a separate topic.

    In the context of this question, God really knows everything, but at the same time he allows man to manifest his will (see above).

    The good news is that there is a lot of evil in this world, but there is a happy ending waiting for us in the end. This happy ending is described in the book of Revelation, or the Apocalypse. Read it and cheer up:

    “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.

    And I, John, saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

    And I heard a loud voice from heaven, saying, ” Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them; they will be His people, and God himself will be with them, and their God.”

    And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death; there will be no more weeping, no more crying, no more sickness, for the former things are past.

    And he that sat on the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he saith unto me, Write; for these words are true and true.

    And he said to me, ” It is finished.” I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end; to the thirsty I will give freely from the fountain of living water.

    He who overcomes will inherit all things, and I will be his God, and he will be My son.”

    (Revelation 21: 1-7).

  37. According to the Vedas, there are two worlds. The spiritual world where God lives and we as the Souls of his particles, this world is eternal, and all living beings in it arrive in bliss. And the material world created by God, for those Souls who do not want to be with God in the spiritual world, but want to become Gods themselves. The Lord gives them (that is, us) this opportunity. The material world is not natural for the Soul, we are mostly suffering here, so the Lord knows in advance that sooner or later we will all return to him, to the world of eternal bliss. Therefore, the answer is that we ourselves wanted to become human beings, that is, to get material bodies. and everyone will be saved, the only question is when.

  38. The existence of God is not a fact. I mean, it's very easy to create logical paradoxes based on a fictional phenomenon. This is because any fiction of sufficient complexity becomes too complex and the liar becomes entangled in lies. This is a familiar phenomenon. Also, the paradoxical nature of the phenomenon leads , for example, science to assume that something is wrong with the theory. But with Faith, everything is different. The postulates of faith are unshakable, which means that you need to spin on the navel, but somehow resolve the paradoxes without changing the theory. This is the opposite of the scientific approach from which the “Bible transcripts” for example are endlessly proliferated.

    From this we can conclude that there may be some beneficiary of the existence of the Universe (we will violate the inviolability of the postulates of the theory). There are cultures in which people assumed that simply put, we live in a large factory for the production of something (in different cultures different) and the plant produces a stable product. Are you very concerned about the suffering of cows? So the beneficiary is also not present, he thought through everything before opening the plant and came to the conclusion that it is cost-effective.

    This position is no worse than others. Moreover, it easily explains why someone needs to create the universe and why there is a cow's free will within the plant.

    And you can come up with a bunch of other things, but as soon as you start to develop this further, paradoxes will inevitably begin with a rather complex development of the initial premises. Because human thinking is limited. From this we can conclude that the sacred texts (full of paradoxes) are still the creation of people due to their paradoxical nature.

    At the same time, God can be, and what we call suffering is just fears in a dream, which is our Reality. And many more options 🙂

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