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  1. Reincarnation cannot be proved or disproved.

    This is a subjective view of the world.

    Some people prefer to include in the concept of “I” not only themselves here and now, but also some previously living people and even animals. This is their right. This is not right or wrong. Terminology is generally subjective.

  2. I don't need proof.I am sure that the Soul, Mind and the experience accumulated by the energy fields of a person, at the onset (of childbirth), i.e.After death, the transition to the Subtle World,we will continue to live in the same way.

  3. Reincarnation is an axiom for most of the inhabitants of the Earth and it does not need any proof. Everyone believes what they believe to be true for themselves. And now people live on our Land, without any shocks. If this is news for the author of the question and if the person does not know something, it does not mean that others do not know it either. With respect.

  4. Proof of the law of reincarnation does not need a department, a scientific publication, or a Nobel prize. In order for the materialist to be able to “feel”, because without this” feeling ” for him, the phenomenon does not exist, for this he must mature himself. His consciousness. He must begin to doubt in order to start an independent search for the truth.

    Look to India. Not on the quality of material life, but on the philosophy of it. There, a person in the plan we are studying is liberated and much happier, having almost an innate sense of the doctrine of reincarnation.

    The knowledge of this truth, which is still incomprehensible, controversial , and mythical for many, but in fact frees the human spirit from the shackles of ignorance. And ignorance is perhaps the greatest evil of humanity.

  5. it will have a bad effect!

    Christians will no longer be afraid of sin, and many will think that it is better to pay in another life for what would be in this, here and now, to get what you want.

    atheists will break loose and start another fascination with eugenics and other fascism .. based on the fact that someone who lives badly today has sinned in a previous life, and now special people will deal with his suffering and providing hell on earth, having received the right to do so by birth.

    having seen enough of all this, the Buddhists will finally “let go of the reins”..

    and the Hindus will think “and so it was possible?” and all the experience of a thousand years of life with reincarnation will go to waste.

    in general .. I really don't want to live to see another clean Rasa reincarnation machine reset .. after all, this will be a clear evidence of rebirth. .. fortunately, the reset somewhere in 5000 years seems to be scheduled for the next one.

  6. the fear of death will disappear! There will be responsibility for the future! In what situation to be born again? V. Messing, according to legend, said: “It is not terrible to die, but it is unspeakably sad!”

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