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  1. No, the integrity of all things is clearly not the “goal” of all things. First, there are doubts that everything has a purpose. Secondly, the expansion of the universe shows that” all things ” clearly do not strive for unity. Third, sociality is a continuation of the development of the universe in the direction of its complication, i.e. the emergence of society in some sense is equivalent to the formation of molecules from the atoms of chemical elements. At the same time, no one insists that all chemical elements strive to create a single super-molecule; rather, our knowledge suggests the opposite.

  2. All living things strive for survival.Since man is a physically weak animal, the “sociality”that you write about is really an evolutionary advantage,and the process of unity is only a way of adapting to environmental conditions in a given time period. But what's good for one species isn't necessarily good for another.So the statement about integrity for all living things is more erroneous than true.
    By the way, even about humanity,it cannot be said that its goal of movement is integrity.Integrity and sociality are different concepts.In the case of a person,sociality implies just this integrity to a lesser extent.

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