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  1. First, the existence of God is not obvious to everyone – otherwise atheists would not exist. Second, humans are intelligent and imaginative, unlike other animals. Third, it is absolutely not a fact that animals are not believers. They may very well feel the presence of God, but because they have no intelligence, no language, no imagination, they have not created a religion of their own.

    Or maybe they did, but since they can't (or don't want to; I wouldn't want to be in the place of animals) pass on information about it and their inner life in general to people, it seems to us that they are not believers. (There is some irony in this paragraph.)

  2. Animals have a mortal soul (memory), which instinctively (according to genetics) acts in order to satisfy needs. Man, on the other hand, has an immortal soul (memory), and unlike animals, acts with intent. That is, not as dictated by genes. A person can not satisfy needs, but use them for pleasure. A person's intent may even run counter to a genetic program, like self-preservation. Therefore, the human memory, or soul, has reason to doubt the quality of the history of its behavior, unlike animals, which do not have sin, acting according to the “program” (there is nothing to repent of). It is for this reason that animals do not need faith, because there is no demand, and there is no future. For animals, death is the end.

  3. If we understand God as the supreme power on which our entire life depends (most often-according to laws incomprehensible to us), then for a pet, a Human Owner is in this place. It is more difficult to talk about wild animals, although people interfere in their lives in unpredictable ways – for example, by paving a road through the forest.

    Pets don't decide where to live, how to live, or what to eat. They don't know what guides a person when they decide it for them. What is not a higher power?

    The pet man is OMNIPOTENT. After all, he always has the main thing-food, which is at his behest in the refrigerator and in the buffet. At the wave of a person's hand, it becomes light or dark, warm or cold. And what is the cost of owning the elements-FIRE and WATER!

    Man IS IMMORTAL. The life span of most domestic animals is significantly shorter than that of humans. They are born, grow old, and die generation after generation, without even having time to notice our age-related changes.

    Here with UBIQUITY is not all clear. But if a person returns home and easily guesses who threw the trash can, then maybe he was here all the time?

    However, I would say that their “religion” is most reminiscent of ancient paganism. First, it is polytheism. Secondly, you can communicate directly with the deity. Third, you can also make claims to the deity (as the Sumerians, for example, flogged their gods).

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