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  1. My answer is similar to some of the answers on this question. And in order not to repeat myself, I will answer jokingly: God, of course, loves when believers lick his eggs. But if you lick for a long time, then the pleasure disappears. But if there are those who want to hit these eggs with all their might, then the pleasure returns and even worsens…

    So God needs all people, both believers and atheists.

  2. Without free will, love is impossible.

    Remember how you asked the question ” Do you love me?”. Or waiting for him to say, “I love you.”

    Now imagine that your friend can't help but love you. No matter what you do, he will follow you around like a calf and look at you with huge, devoted eyes.

    You have nothing to expect from him, he is not an open soul – he is just an open book in which there is nothing but what you will read there.

    Only the fact that a person can choose to love or not to love, to do as you want, or as it occurred to him, creates the possibility of love. The joy of being free to live soul to soul. So he chose to buy a delicious cake today to eat it happily with you. You didn't wait, but he came.

    The earth is full of creatures that either don't choose at all, or choose very little. A tree cannot be an “atheist”. Birds can not help but sing a hymn to the sun in the spring, if they are healthy.�

    This is how we were born as beings with free will.

    Another question is if you don't believe in human free will ) But then this question also does not make sense, the answer and the “understanding” of the answer are deterministic.

  3. The answer to such a question implies insight into the essence of the Divine Plan. I think it's a little naive to think that someone can easily find out this very essence and tell you in Yandex. I can only assume that God gives man the opportunity to choose his own path in this world. Of course, this choice is not completely free and is limited by various factors, but being a believer or atheist is left to a person to make a choice on their own. I can also assume that for God it does not matter how a person positions himself in human society, but rather the purity of his soul and thoughts is important to him, regardless of what a person thinks about himself there. After all, in fact, recognizing yourself as an atheist or a believer has nothing to do with the existence or non-existence of God, but only with what you think about yourself: whether you believe in it or not. So, it may not be important to God who you think you are, but something else is important – how it helps or hinders you in the development and, above all, in the development of your own soul…

  4. He doesn't want to force anyone. Faith is a valuable quality that a person acquires himself as a result of reflection, searching for evidence. No one can become a believer for us. All the more reason to confirm this belief by deeds. Such faith in a person is very valuable to God. If God gave faith to everyone without their will, it would devalue faith. After all, people who would be on God's side were like robots. No one admires that the robot / automaton did some of the work provided for by the program. But on the contrary, we admire the faith of another person and the works of faith. And if God had forced it, then probably no one would have asked this question.

  5. Believers justify the unobservability of God with the unproven hypothesis that if everyone sees him, then everyone will believe in him, and so there is freedom of choice, and it is suddenly very dear to both God and believers. The problem with the free will violation hypothesis is that, for example, there are a lot of people who know that smoking is harmful, but still smoke. In the same way, even if people knew exactly what God is, not everyone would keep his commandments anyway, as by the way it was in the historically recent times of the Bible craze. Therefore, the argument about free will, no matter how popular it may be, simply does not work, and this is confirmed by the facts.

    If you throw in a little more lyrics, then according to the Old Testament, God clearly demonstrated himself, performed miracles. Actually, miracles and writings are supposedly of divine origin and have been used by believers as an argument for the existence of God for most of the last 2000 years. I.e., the freedom to choose to believe/disbelieve has never been particularly valuable for Christians and has not played a significant role in Christianismfor the simple reason that for most of the existence of this peaceful religion, unbelief was severely punished as a crime. The real choice was between being a formal believer or being a fanatic (much like vegetarianism is now). And here, however, there is still a problem for those to whom the existence of God is obvious, but they are considering whether to contact him or not. From the point of view of religious people, this problem, for example, is discussed by brothers Alexey and Ivan Karamazov in the corresponding novel (by the way, Russell's teapot also appears there, who was just 6 years old at the time of publication of the novel).

  6. What do you think should be done to make everyone believe?

    Show Yourself so that no one has any doubts?

    But this is no longer faith, but knowledge.

    And you ask about faith. Faith is not knowledge.

  7. Let's assume that there is a God, why should he appear to people, why does he need your faith in him? Such ideas about God are born on the basis of one's own human views.

    First of all, we try to prove something to someone and expect similar things from others. Whether people are atheists or believers – there is no difference, this is not the most important thing. The point is that it unites us, not divides us. What unites us is the pursuit of happiness.

  8. But another thing is interesting. Let's say there is no God, then why do some people think there is one? Why do believers exist and how did they arise? What is the point of this?

  9. God needs atheists to set a negative example for believers. If, for example, you tell your children not to do something, then this warning will be incomplete, unless you give an example of how children who do not listen to this warning end up.

    In addition, through the example of the future eternal condemnation of atheists, God shows believers exactly what He saved them from by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.

    1. The robot can be programmed and made as the person wants.
    2. But a person has a mind and conscience, he cannot be forced to worship God as he wants.
  10. God has an opposition – it is the Devil, to put it mildly, sitting in the belly of man and resisting God's laws. A person between them should look for the right options for educating their consciousness. The stomach has no limits, ready to devour anything and everything. And GOD forces a voluntary minimum.

  11. Because He needs creatures with free will. If a random of a billion attempts produces the number “1” a billion times, then this is no random, but just a generator of the number “1”. The same goes for free will.

  12. Only dictators and voluntarists do this – they make everyone equal to themselves – this is called a forceful solution to the problem “using the sledgehammer method”.

    EVOLUTIONARY intelligent development requires very different methods of gradual development.

  13. Of course, there is a God, a wise creator, Who gave both angels and people freedom of choice. Of course, He could make everyone believe in Him,but He doesn't need programmed robots. His fans are curious people of their own volition, because they understand that they owe everything to Him, many of whom were previously atheists. After all, an atheist believes that there is no God and can get comprehensive evidence of His existence.

  14. God created man in His image and likeness. �(Genesis 1: 26)
    What does it mean? This means that a person has a free will, which God has never interfered with and does not intend to do so.�

    Why does he not then appear, so that all may believe? He cannot exist in a world where there is sin, because in his presence everything that is sinful burns up, and he loves us and does not seek to kill us. But, he will still come, and as it is written, “He will separate the seed from the tares.” Everyone, in turn, has heard about the Doomsday (Apocalypse, Armageddon, whichever is more convenient).

    It is harder to believe in the invisible than in the visible, and that is the whole value of faith. How will we be different from pagans if we believe in visible things/idols?

    Man committed the fall of his own free will.
    Of his own free will, he must also return to God.

  15. God created man in His own image and likeness, and therefore with free will. He will not contradict himself and force someone to believe in him or obey. And in order to find ourselves, we need to look at his creation, the nature around us, where his invisible qualities are manifested.:

    “For his invisible things, his eternal power and Godhead, have been seen from the foundation of the world through the contemplation of creatures, so that they are unrequited” (Rom. 1: 20).

    Also, our Creator has preserved his Word in the Bible, where you can learn much more about him, who he is, what his norms are, why he allows suffering, and much more:

    “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3: 16).

    It remains a small matter, and most importantly, no one bothers. 🤷‍♂️

  16. There are two questions here at once, so I'll answer them in order.

    So, let's start with the first one, which is based on the postulate “If there is a God, then He would have to make everyone believe in Him.”

    In fact, God does not need it, and it is simply meaningless. Why should He forcibly convert everyone to the faith? To do what? Faith is needed not by God, but by man:

    Let us hear the essence of all this: reverence God and keep His commandments, for this is all for man. (Ecclesiastes 12: 13)
    If you sin, what do you do to Him? And if your crimes are multiplied, what do you do to Him? If you are righteous, what do you give Him? Or what does He receive from your hand? Your wickedness belongs to man as you do, and your righteousness to the son of man. (Job 35: 6-8)

    God wants a voluntary relationship with people and is not going to impose on anyone or force them to believe in Him. He wants people to search for Him, and then the Lord will definitely respond:

    And you will call to Me, and go and pray to Me, and I will hear you; and you will seek Me, and you will find Me, if you seek Me with all your heart. (Jer. 29: 12-13).

    Next, you ask why God wants atheists. It's not entirely clear what this question is about. God created all people out of love for a good and fulfilling life of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17). Atheism as a false worldview is not necessary for people, but God also loves the representatives of this worldview and “wants all people to be saved and reach the knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2: 4).

    I hope I managed to answer your question.

    Peace be with you.

  17. The answer is very simple. God created man in his own Image, and this is above all FREEDOM! If God forcibly converts a person into complete submission, it will not be a person, but an animal.

  18. Every smart and responsible parent wants their children to be independent and ALSO smart,learn to live and face all difficulties THEMSELVES, overcome them and understand that the life of each of them is unique,inimitable, important and necessary.

    And to do this,by giving them knowledge and skills, it is necessary to give children the opportunity to put all this into practice, so that they do not wait for help from outside and are ready for any surprises …because a parent who is caring and ready to come to the rescue may not be there…you never know what can distract him.

    So, most likely guided by all this, the Creator gave people free will and pulled away, watching our growing up, its stages and results.And atheists, critics and skeptics … this is an animated factor in pushing the human race to make INDEPENDENT decisions, to understand that it is not necessary to rely on help from above,but rather to solve their own problems and get out of unpleasant and painful situations.Here, too, the Creator acts like a Father who loves His children.

    And, by the way…if EVERYONE believes in the Creator, then who will push humanity,its new and new generations,to independence and independence with their skepticism…?)So here, too, everything is well thought out…)

  19. The most basic thing: God gave free will to man as a part of himself. Well, everything else is words, sometimes turning into action. All our vices, doubts, atheism, etc. are derived from free will. Maybe someday, all this will lead us to ruin or, on the contrary, will make us closer to understanding God.

  20. Simply put, God doesn't need angels on earth, he has plenty of them. He needs souls who have made a voluntary CHOICE, and not necessarily righteous, but also sinners (even atheists… No offense meant). To put it more simply, the energy of the soul is important to Him. And energy is a plus and a minus. Without one or the other, the world will not exist. Hence the answer to the question, why does He allow the existence of evil? Yes, He could stamp out dolls shouting “Hallelujah”, but He has enough of his own Buzovs and Bilans THERE! (this is such a stupid joke.) But then such dolls would not even need a mind.

  21. The supreme entity that gave us intelligence has long since left this world. It doesn't need us to believe in it, because it doesn't need us. But we need it, ask for help from higher ones in order to justify our own mediocrity, or the stupidity of others. It is sad to realize that people have forgotten the truths of existence, have invented new gods for themselves, and are bruising their foreheads in meaningless prayers.

  22. The creator exists. If we were created by aliens, who created them? The fact that evolution is a myth is known to anyone who thoroughly studies the issue.

    We live on a flat surface and anyone who has studied the issue thoroughly will see this. This means that our world is not a grain of sand in the universe, but the universe itself. And every person and their actions are extremely important! You won't be able to get caught!

    The One created this simulator for our souls and created the rules of the game. According to these rules, we can believe or not believe in anyone we want, but we are responsible for this ourselves.

    Good luck to all!)

  23. Atheists are those who believe in matter despite the laws of quantum physics, and there are already “miracles”, but if you call it physics, then it doesn't seem to be scary… Can you accept that there is consciousness in every atom ? That's why you invent “quantum physics”for yourself…Tell me, materialists, are the very laws by which the universe exists material ?And by and large, materialists live once,which is very logical on their part, because in the end, death is still forever, then WHY ? Ask yourself a question: “Who am I?” Apply the “scientific method” of your favorite and finally become an observer, close your eyes and with a calm, thought-free mind watch the darkness while listening to the silence…For some reason, believers in science do not believe in scientific methods in relation to themselves))) It's funny…And yes, God is just an abstract concept.Just a word…

  24. And why does he need forcibly converted believers who came to him not by the dictates of their hearts, but on a string? The thing about God is that he loves everyone, no matter how they feel about him. He doesn't care, you're an atheist, a fanatical believer with a broken forehead from bowing, gnostics-agnostics – he's purple. He is so cool that he is simply capable of loving everyone, and everything, regardless of the circumstances.

  25. Disbelief in God is a sin. If you deprive a person of the opportunity to choose whether to sin or not, you automatically lose the right to judge whether they will go to hell or heaven, because in this case you will evaluate your actions, not his.

  26. Atheists are also believers. Only they created their belief that there is no God. But the fact that they deny the Divine essence already means that they are not convinced of this. In addition, any atheist at least once in his life( and maybe more than once) exclaimed: Oh, my God! Or Oh, my God! Isn't this proof that believing in God is something that God himself has built into us?

  27. The most stupid answer that can be given to this question is “freedom of choice”. It is necessary either to recognize that” freedom of choice ” is granted to an extremely limited number of people, in a limited time interval (which contradicts the dogmatic properties of God), or to change such properties as justice, humanity, and so on. Naturally, millions of people in different parts of the world did not even know about the religion of the “white man”, but in general about the existence of someone else besides their neighbors. Thus, these groups of people basically had absolutely no choice.

    And as soon as the next “ecclesiastic” begins to say that “God is all-forgiving” and will forgive them for their unbelief out of ignorance, then let's immediately remember the History, starting from the Crusades and the conquest to St. Bartholomew's Night. Either those Christians had a different “god” (and, consequently, the religion they professed on the basis of ancient books was not correct), or honestly and frankly admit which religion and on the basis of which dogmas, with what centuries-old history, is being professed now. And don't talk about “love”, “justice”, “mercy”anymore.

  28. Because we live in a democratic country, and God, as a true democrat, could not but give us the opportunity to choose.

    (I hope you understand that this is only sarcasm and I do not pursue any offensive goals, otherwise you never know…)

  29. Probably-there are people rejected by God. Humans are demons. There are human angels who communicate with God, and human demons who are deaf and blind to God. And there are-animal people, “made of clay”, who feel something, but do not understand what.

  30. “If there is a God, then why doesn't he make sure that everyone believes in him and why does he need atheists?”

    Good question, just great!

    Here, and not only here, and not only in our time, a lot of people have been puzzling and are still puzzling their heads: is there a God in the world, or is there not a damn God and never was?

    Indeed, what the hell is he hiding his divine fig in his divine pocket and not showing himself in all his beauty (or as the believers say: “in all his glory”), so that all these stupid and unreasonable people – well, this means all sorts of gentiles or even atheists!..

    So, why doesn't he pull out and show his fig, so that all these wicked people, all at once, believe in his existence?

    So-no! “he's also given birth to atheists on his own good-for-nothing head, and the more he goes on, the more atheists he gets!”

    For what? That they should make fun of his lambs of God, and even of himself, as if they were misfits?

    Because such a scenario can only seem untrustworthy to travelers!

  31. ask him at his leisure – why does he need Putin ?

    Or why does he need Krsna?

    and why did he need Hitler?

    Why does this so-called god need COVID? so that at the time of the second coming, more people will dig out of the earth. like the righteous martyrs, and instantly overpopulated our suffering Earth ?

    and why then do the shamans of the Russian Orthodox Church tell everyone that diseases are a test and punishment from God?

    toga why do all the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church run to hospitals, and do not pray for their sins in order to recover ?

    ask this type of god-why does he need AIDS, if he himself said-be fruitful and multiply?

    why did God allow the creation of a condom?

    I would beat off all my slaves , God's, brains, so that the rocket was not invented along with the condom…

    instead of beating their brains out, God encouraged his slaves to pour holy water on space rockets, and the rockets began to fly even better, proving that he, God, was not in the sky… and all the idiots in the Russian Orthodox Church rub in that God was taken to heaven along with the body …

    to what part of heaven is Jesus taken together with a body that is truly human – ask God…and why ?


    why should he have a body, if all men in heaven are perfectly content with one soul?..

    to imagine that dissolute women who became saints in their old age would suddenly appear in the body at the wedding, like the Virgin – this is trash… noooo, all the Tatyans and Helens of Egypt, the harlots are taken to heaven without a body, and Necha Enoch is there to seduce…and the other Chernomyrdins with the Primakovs and Yeltsins, along with Nikolai Bloody …

  32. Good day to you!

    1. If he doesn't do something, then he doesn't need it… We remember: Everything is the will of the Lord.

    2. If he doesn't do something, then he's not the Lord, and he just can't do it.

    3. If there is a Lord, then he is a creation of the Creator, and in order to maintain harmony in the world, atheists appeared when believers in the Lord appeared.

    4. If we assume that you don't quite understand the meaning of the word Atheist correctly, then everything falls into place…

    (Atheist-a believer in all things manifest in this world)

    That is, if the Lord appears in this world, the atheist will believe in him:)

  33. Wow! How serious, however, is the topic found in the question by those who have already answered it (commented on it)! 🙂 But the question itself is remarkable in its own way. I'll answer it, maybe the topic will “play”differently…

    “Let's assume that God is…” What kind of assumption can we talk about?

    1. The purely intellectual (intellectual) assumption of a superhuman entity that is conceivable, however, is quite anthropomorphic: On the one hand, God is omnipotent (in the flat [linear, quantitative] sense of this omnipotence) and therefore can only provide faith by his will and put unbelievers to shame. On the other hand, he does not do this, belittling himself in the eyes of non – believers and strengthening atheists… Such a god turns out to be “human, too human” – both in this caprice ” I can, but I don't do (I don't want to)”, and in the strange cunning that generates a paradox, reflected in the question “why won't he do it?.. and why… atheists?”. This suspicious anthropomorphism just shows that we ask “the wrong God” and” the wrong God ” should be known.

    2. The spiritual assumption (distinguishing between mind and spirit) and the free one is not an idle-mental introduction of god as the basis of a rationally comprehended world in order to see how such a whole mechanism “works”, functions, but an assumption� God is “in the heart,” that is, outside and apart from what we know rationally about the world, and the acceptance of him is not logic, but faith of the type that Tertullian called ” Credo quia absurdum.” And this kind of assumption-acceptance of God is not asked by questions like the one we are trying to answer here, because it is meaningless: for a believer, unbelief and atheism of others are not the weakness (guile, cunning) of God, but the weakness (immaturity, blindness) of non-believers.

    In short: in the first case, an incorrect assumption (the nature of the assumption) leads to the impossibility of a correct answer (a logically consistent answer), in the second – a correct assumption (the nature of the assumption) removes the question as an incorrect question (pseudo-question).

    Something like that… 🙂

  34. In general, it is almost always wrong and stupid to answer for God, but nevertheless, as far as this question is concerned, we can make some reasonable assumptions.�

    In my opinion, the main meaning of the life given to us is precisely that we independently come to faith and learn to live in this imperfect world in accordance with it. This is not an easy path and often it goes through many trials, but if we do not pass it, then we will not acquire the qualities that will be necessary for us in eternal life.

    That is why it makes no sense to make a person a believer by force. Neither he nor God will need it.


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