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  1. Yes, you can.
    Don't be surprised if another person walking nearby has identical desires.
    And what difference will it make to him who your uncle is?

  2. Of course you can. But keep in mind that your uncle is not near you, and you will be killed here and now. And then abuse the corpse. Well, or vice versa… What do you prefer?

  3. Well, in general, the presence of God and the absoluteness of good and evil have nothing to do with it. Such “social practices” were actively practiced in the Middle Ages, when the concept of moral relativism was not particularly popular, in contrast to the concepts of God's providence and posthumous retribution. Actually, at the moment we are making relative progress in this regard, not because the general population has become interested in ethical self-improvement or has acquired unprecedented religiosity (and with it meekness and mercy), but because with the development of society, such “nephews of prosecutors” have become less and less fit into the picture of an optimal social structure.�

    So, returning to the question, it is better not to try to beat and humiliate people for no reason. Even in our imperfect world, where “there is no justice” (and, at times, it really is not) it may happen that the “uncle-prosecutor” will be very unprofitable to be harnessed for a dissolute nephew. In addition, it is quite possible to get rid of a dude who is not impressed by the presence of high relatives.

  4. Well, why did you describe the realities of our country?
    And if on the topic, then of course you can. You can do anything. The question is, won't it be disgusting to look at yourself after that?

  5. Of course you can. A person can do anything if he wants. And what drives our desires? What stops us from doing this? Is it good? Is it evil? God? Nope, not them at all. All these concepts are designed for people who are not able to think independently, to control themselves. And if you do this to other people, it is not a problem of the absence of God. This is the problem of your out-of-the-ordinary idiocy.

    And who says that all this is not there?

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