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  1. Very strange logic! If you do not study history, then humanity will again step on the same rake. There will be new experiments with fascism, Nazism, communism and other “ideal” systems; maybe even world wars.

    On the other hand, it is not taught much anyway. In any case, in Russia. As a person who worked as a teacher at the school, I say. There are a scanty number of hours allotted for lessons, but the historian is usually alone, and is sewn up. In high school, students are concerned about the GIA and the Unified State Exam, and they are not up to it. Of all the material, it is good, God forbid that 40 percent of it is learned. After finishing school, many people on the street can be asked if Lenin was right to retreat at Stalingrad without waiting for Kutuzov, and they will even try to answer something seriously with an intelligent look. And then they fill up their knowledge with the help of” documentary “crafts on the channels “Ren-TV”, “Zvezda”; “History” also, by the way, regularly shows nonsense. And they believe in all sorts of Hyperboreans, the Great Tartarii, because there is a “conspiracy” among professional historians, and they “hide” everything on the orders of someone secret and worldly.

  2. No, Anna, the world can hardly be kinder if the study of history is banned. But the world will definitely get sillier). On June 30, 1887, the Russian Minister I. D. Delyanov adopted the so-called infamous “Circular on cooks 'children”, which stated:”gymnasiums and progymnasiums will be exempt from the admission of children of coachmen, footmen, cooks, laundresses, small shopkeepers and the like, whose children, with the exception of those gifted with genius abilities, should not strive for secondary and higher education at all.” The circular concerned not only history, but also in general, liberal arts education, which opened the way to the university. As a result, we had a huge wave of raznochinsky terror: it was those people who rebelled, whose only way to build a career was closed with the help of education.

  3. And if you ban everything? Will the world be a kinder place? And what does history have to do with it? It doesn't teach you anything, and you always get caught in the same trap. It's not about the story, it's about the people. Questions to them.

  4. So, Anna, in your opinion, a person who doesn't know history won't start a war? And who inspired you with this absurdity?

    Ignorance of history threatens to repeat the mistakes of the past, and even the tragedies of the past. The vast majority of the population should know history well, and managers even more so. I will add one more note: the exact sciences should be immediately returned to the humanities faculties, and the curriculum for them should be tightened. Since the level of logical thinking among humanitarians is falling catastrophically, humanitarians are freaking out, leading the world into the abyss…

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