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  1. In general, in my purely individual case, everything was gradual: first, when I was a little boy, I listened to my mother read the children's Bible, then I picked up a book in grade 4: “Religions of the Peoples of the World”, then when I went to grade 6, I became even more interested in Christianity, Orthodoxy, and Catholicism… I became a more knowledgeable person, began to attend Sunday school, etc. My own interest, moreover, developed with my own independent efforts and went on for the first time. By the way, I remember how back in the year 2018 I had 3 dreams in June, July and August, where I saw the second coming of Christ, as if in reality, I don't know if they were just dreams, or in fact it was from God. What do you think?�

  2. Consciously – when faced with evil. First , when I learned more about the Holocaust. My mother's side of the family is all Jewish, and many of my ancestors died during the war. Because, from my point of view, the national policy of the Third Reich is an example of absolute evil, irrational (to kill people for blood is, in my opinion, even more cruel than to kill for views – at least you can choose your views). I was faced with the question of the meaning of life in the presence of consciously committed evil. You live, you live, you don't hurt anyone, and then some psychopath with a mustache comes along and wipes you out. And what, everything is reset, or what? Then why am I here? My meaning is to die in agony for some unknown reason, not even heroically? There must be something sensible at the end of it all. Some kind of meaning. Not theoretical, but for me, a reasonable person who just so stupidly and cruelly dies without the slightest benefit. (I hadn't read Dostoevsky yet, I was a minor.)

    Then I began to think further: actually, it's not pleasant enough without the Holocaust. All people suffer. Someone is disabled since childhood, someone has lost a loved one, someone, in the end, has a toothache. Someone has everything at all, nothing hurts, but something is missing. And what, everyone is doomed to more or less pain? And the point, again?

    Then, in general, there must be a reason for everything. At that time, I didn't think about a God with whom I could make contact. Just – well, everything has a beginning, of course. A circle doesn't have a beginning, of course, but someone started drawing each circle from a certain point. So in the existence of a certain beginning of the world, and a reasonable one at that, which consciously began to do all this, I somehow never doubted, in my opinion, from childhood, I just didn't think about this question until I was confronted with suffering.

    So, the question of suffering raised another tough problem: does it even make sense to be at least a little bit of a good person? Maybe you can become a Hitler yourself? I see only one obstacle – if the requirement to be good is set by the highest, primordial reality. I.e., God. Because everything except it is conditional and relative.

    Well, OK, let's say you have to be good. But-He, this God, has put us, again, in such conditions that we by definition suffer-from pain, unhappy love, from death, in the end. And what does He require of us then? Did he even live in these conditions Himself? Does he know what kind of hole he's got us in?” Yes, here the human form would be preserved – what a good thing to be!..

    Well, here Christianity came to the rescue. Yes, I was. In our shoes. Born in an alley, he worked with his hands, had no permanent place of residence, and then was executed by a corrupt Roman official on unfair charges of Jewish intellectuals. In Stalin's time, he would have been executed on the unjust accusation of envious neighbors by a corrupt Soviet court. Like thousands and thousands of people who were sentenced at different times on an unjust charge by an unjust court.

    Here He was in this monstrous world and remained a Man. This is very important: He came here not as a super-strong Hercules, not as an invincible Terminator, not as an immortal Krishna, but as a very ordinary person. Born, lived, and was killed.

    Now we have something to talk about. Such a God can make some moral claims against me. He is really in the topic.

    And there is a way out, too, because eventually He was resurrected. So we will also be resurrected in His image.

  3. First, through logical constructions, then I met wonderful people-Christians, then I changed my plans for life-in the sense of changing accents and priorities. Now my faith is a way of life that helps me in any endeavor. Many problems have disappeared, the solution of many issues has ceased to be difficult-after all, the value system is simple and obvious

  4. If you believe in God, how did you come to believe in Him?

    I came to God when I heard about him. I found out what his name is, what qualities he has, what future awaits me? As I got to know him better, I had faith. You will probably agree that you can trust someone we know well.

    Faith can be likened to a chain that binds a person to God and the links of which are trust in him and confidence that he will not leave in trouble. But no one is born with such faith, it needs to be developed. The Bible explains how to do this: “Faith comes with what you hear. But what is heard is through the word of Christ” (Romans 10: 17).

    It takes time to learn about God and the teachings of his Son, Jesus Christ. This knowledge does not come naturally (Proverbs 2:1-9). You need to make an effort to make sure that it is reliable. Faith grows and grows stronger when there is an incentive to act in accordance with God's promises and when I have seen proof of his blessings .

    I find it easier to deal with difficulties when I rely on God to guide my steps in the right direction and willingly take care of my needs. In addition, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, pointed out what faith will bring in the future: “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not be destroyed, but have eternal life” (John 3:16). Eternal life is a wonderful gift for those who have faith!

    It is clear that true faith is not credulity, it is much more than just confidence in the existence of God. It involves recognizing God's ability to reward those who earnestly seek him. If we truly sincerely want to know God, then we need to acquire accurate knowledge about him from his Word, the Bible, and then our faith will be rewarded, especially since this is what the Creator wants: “This is good and acceptable in the eyes of our Savior God,who wants all kinds of people to be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:3,4). How I value true faith!

  5. The question asked does not specify the word “God,” as this word has many meanings. At the beginning of my life, I believed in a Yahweh God, but when I was in school, we were taught that there is no God, and I believed that there is no God. In adulthood, studying the religions of many peoples and nations, I began to understand that in our universe there is something inexplicable and beyond the understanding of man, let's call him the Supreme Mind and the Creator of Nature. Studying the Wisdom of the East, I became convinced that YES ” Everything arises from what can neither be named nor described, because it is beyond human understanding; for convenience, it is called Tao.” That's how I came to believe!!! With respect.

  6. In Romans 10 we have the words: “..and how to believe without a preacher?”

    Matthew 24: 14 also says,” This good news will be preached for a witness to all nations… ” Meaning that God has taken care that people may have this faith. How? It encourages believers (Christians) to follow the example of Christ and spread the good news to all who wish. That's how I came to believe. They preached about it to me, and after some time, reading the Bible and thinking about it, my faith appeared.

  7. The answer to this question is given by Jesus Christ: –

    ” … No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him…”

    And whom can God attract to know His Wisdom?

    That's right – the one who seeks this Wisdom.

    And then follows: –

    ” … Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you…”!

  8. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven ” (Matthew 19: 24).
    This quote from the Bible says that as long as a person considers his life tolerable , then he will not come to God, or start looking for Him. And even if there are difficulties or illnesses, the person simply says:..”Lord help me”, but he does not believe in God and decides everything as everything is according to the flesh.
    Now many people will object to me: “everyone believes! “God is one!” “Everything is His will!”
    And the Bible doesn't deny it:
    …You believe that there is one God: you do well; and the devils believe and tremble.
    ( James 2: 19)
    What's the difference?
    What does it mean to believe in God?
    Everyone will have their own answer. I'll write my own:
    When I was little, I learned from my grandmother that there is a God, there is Jesus, Who is called the Son of God , I also knew that there are cool holidays when they bake delicious rolls of unusual shapes, paint eggs, and my grandmother told me that God hears and knows everything, because all our deeds and actions are recorded by angels in a special book. And when we die, then in the next world we will stand in front of a table on which everything that we have done in this world will be laid out. This was the” seed ” that Grandma Pasha planted in my childhood understanding of God. And I believed it!
    And if I was afraid of something, or I really wanted something, I would say: “God help me! “And very often it worked.
    I grew up, but my understanding of God didn't.
    There is no point in describing everything, but there came a time in life when there was no one to go to but God. That's when I came to God. And again, maybe for many people my arrival will be evaluated as a desire to solve their problems and close their needs…But I don't deny it, because I was still a little girl in God. But God Is True To His Word:
    ….Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you
    rest( Matthew 11:28).
    And so it happened.
    That is why I am answering today for all
    those who have problems and difficulties:
    …Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you; purify your hands, you sinners; correct your hearts, you double-minded ones.
    ( James 4: 8 )
    And if you haven't come to God yet, then know that God is waiting for everyone like a loving Father. And His Word is the Truth, affirming which today we can not only live without diseases and problems, but also have the right to resist everything that is not from God. That's what God says:
    …My son! Do not forget my precepts, and let your heart keep my commandments;
    2 For they will add to you the length of days, years of life, and peace.
    5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.
    6 Know him in all your ways, and he will guide your paths.
    7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD, and turn away from evil:
    8 It will be health for your body and nourishment for your bones.

    23 Then you will walk safely in your way, and your foot will not stumble.
    24 When you lie down to sleep, you will not be afraid; and when you fall asleep, your sleep will be pleasant.
    25 You will not be afraid of sudden fear, nor of the destruction of the wicked, when it comes;
    26 For the LORD will be your hope, and will keep your foot from being caught.
    27 Do not withhold a favor from the needy, when your hand is able to do it.
    28 Do not say to your friend, 'Go and come again, and tomorrow I will give it to you,' when you have it with you.

    30 Do not quarrel with a man without cause, when he has not wronged you.

    32 For the perverse is an abomination to the LORD, but he has fellowship with the righteous.
    33 The curse of the LORD is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the tabernacle of the godly.
    34 If he mocks the blasphemers, he gives grace to the humble.
    35 The wise will inherit glory, but the foolish will inherit dishonor.

  9. There was such an old man Siluan. When asked how he came to believe in God, he answered, shocking the questioner, “I don't believe in God.” And after a little hesitation, he added: “I know him…”

    In my opinion, there is a significant difference between “faith in God” and faith in God. The first involves overcoming doubt and fighting unbelief. The second is the steady state of the Universal Father's self-confident son.

    We all sooner or later come to believe “in” a certain concept of the higher principle. What exactly is where we put our hopes depends on the cultural code of our civilization, the geography of our birth and the experience of living a particular life. But the belief not just “in” someone or something, but the confidence in a constant connection with such a Source leaves doubts in the past and opens the Way for us. Here, meanings, facts, and the entire spectrum of our lives begin to be illuminated by the light of the beyond, revealing the Creator not as an object of faith, but as the Truth – a living experience of approaching him.

  10. As a child, my grandmother instilled in me the right attitude to Jesus Christ. When I got older, I bought a Bible,and there were a lot of questions, but I didn't get any answers at the church where I expected to get answers. I tried to figure it out myself ,and then I met some great Bible researchers whose explanations I liked.
    And so I became a Bible believer!

  11. It's very hard not to believe when everything is soaked in It. I will not go into specifics, because to talk about the past formation of faith in God and his creations is the same as proclaiming yourself crazy and waiting for criticism and malicious hatred from the closed shroud of darkness.�
    When a person innocently wants to know the revelation of God, it is revealed to him. And then you don't have to look for faith in Him. Other questions already arise: “How to continue to live with open eyes in society in the fashion of closed eyes?””How to stay alive among the dead?”, ” God, where is the promised Armageddon?”.

  12. Faith is not a feeling, but a quality along with others and is the fruit of the spirit of God:

    “But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, mercy, (faith),” (Galatians 5: 22)

    Just as love is joy and longsuffering, so faith can be cultivated. How? This means that God, through His spirit, can help us cultivate our faith. According to the Holy Scriptures Faith comes through what people hear:

    “Faith therefore comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Rom.

    So faith in God grows as we learn from the word of God in the Bible. The more knowledge you have, the more Faith you have. This is why Jesus encourages people to learn about God:

    “But this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” (John 17: 3).

    Learning about God from the Bible not only strengthens our faith in God, but also gives us eternal life when we develop a good relationship with our Creator. But why is it said that you need to know Jesus Christ as well ? Because the life example of Jesus in the Bible will improve our faith in God:

    “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of the faith” (Hebrews 12: 2).

    So, the more knowledge there is from the Holy Scriptures, the more Faith there is in God. Then our Faith is no longer just wishful thinking and emotions, but something that can be verified, although not visible. These are our expectations, and they will be justified:

    “Faith” is a well— founded expectation of what is hoped for, an obvious proof of what exists, even if it is invisible. ” – Hebrews 11: 1

    Thematic Bible study will not disappoint you either. Try.

  13. That was a long time ago…well, at least according to my perception of what is happening. While performing medical manipulations, I was accidentally sent over the edge due to an oversight of medical workers…And while they were returning me back, at first, it is not clear how, I listened to all the fuss around my carcass,and then I found myself at the station, where the train was waiting at the platform, but I didn't get into the car.Well…and then there was a small excursion with a choice of path (I will skip this moment) and that very conversation took place and thenBy the way…and it's hard to go back…immediately such a feeling of its own weight and the body seems terribly clumsy.Then it slowly passes, but the impression still remains,you can remember it, although you feel at home again in your own carcass…)

  14. the universe itself prompted me, I always wondered why we are here?
    That's why I got the answers when I came to God.and the impetus was some life difficulties

  15. He led a criminal lifestyle. Used opium for 8 years. He brought a lot of grief to his family and friends. I knew I was doing something evil. But he couldn't stop. Although I really wanted to. As a sheep is led to the slaughter, so I was led. �No candles, bows, icons, etc., etc. helped me. It wasn't until I started reading the scriptures and asking Him for help that things started to work out. In my opinion, scripture is a guide to life. �Which nut should be tightened and which one should be loosened is written there. All I have to do is make an effort. �I read different religions and different works on philosophy, but only (Do with others as you would like to do with you) �could change me. I am happy both spiritually and mentally.

  16. Namaskar!

    I will answer in a spirit contrary to the spirit of many comments, so that smart atheists would also open a window to a God they don't know. The vast majority of comments are focused on two things: 1st-suffering, 2nd-love instilled in childhood. I met God when I was happy, and I remember when I was 9 years old I called God a pig (I think he laughed at it as much as I do now), and I stopped believing in him for rational reasons. Here's How I Found the real God that You Won't Be Told About on TV:

    After a very long life crisis, I returned to the path of composition again. I posted ads, started looking for a band, and continued my music lessons. At the same time, I tried to understand Aristotle's ideas with incredible diligence – almost all the psychic energy went into him. I started drinking ten cups of pu-erh a day, went to bed early, got up early, stopped drinking, that is, I did everything I knew to cope with Aristotle. But I still couldn't handle this clever bastard, and an hour and a half of careful study of Aristotle left me with an absolute loss of energy, worse than a blow to the liver. In general, I decided to change my diet, which would still somehow defeat this Aristotle. I found a lecture on the perfect diet on YouTube(link attached: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P23LYwHBSq8), the name is too much I liked, exactly what I was looking for. Well, I turned it on, and there's some Fendel in an orange sweatshirt sitting there. Well, I immediately thought: “What kind of damage is this, he put on orange, and thinks that he is smarter than everyone else?” Well, I was still interested in him, and I decided to watch it. What he said was very rational, which I did not expect from “fendel”, who called himself a yogi (in my understanding of yoga, then there were pumped – up men in sweatpants who do exercises, drive expensive cars, change girls like gloves, have a good business, and most importantly-incredibly narcissistic). And he's wearing an orange sweatshirt, talking smart, thin, and with a beard. And beautiful, beautiful! Well, I actually started watching it, I don't know why. Well, I got caught on the video where he started about meditation. I had already meditated a little before, I visualized a black-and-white photo of Rachmaninoff, because in a Buddhist textbook I had to choose a subject for myself, but I didn't want a Buddha, so I chose Rachmaninoff. And he's talking about something else, about some kind of mantra. So I started talking about God. I think so: “What are you doing here, talking about fictions? I want to meditate so that I can play the guitar better, hear two melodies in my head as easily as eating pancakes with butter, and generally be a superman. And you're talking about some kind of God, eh, ignoramus..” Well, I didn't start meditating with the mantra because it was funny, I thought. And I started meditating on the sound of AUM (it was only after 8 months that I realized that this was also a mantra). Well, in the end, there was an opportunity to get an initiation. And there's something super cool, so I wanted it. I lied that I meditated for 100 hours, although I meditated for 3 hours, and received initiation. And then some time passed, and I realized that the damage was not him, but me. And that it's not him who's stupid, but me. And that I'm a proud piece of g…a, and he's a fine, humble man. That he radiates good, and I radiate only toxic, stupid, burned-out self-esteem. And in meditation, I felt God once. Just once. Well, in general, I had enough, and I understood everything, I understood, and I also went to become a yogic monk. It won't happen, I don't know how God will allow it. Now I meditate 4 times a day, and devote all my time to a great spiritual mission. I work for a yoga organization. God is the essence and foundation of my life, because sometimes I feel Him better than myself, and I realize that only a spiritual foundation can really change the world for the better, can make a person a person. And so I change the world, starting with myself. So finally, the smarter and more atheistic a person is, the more likely they are to become a true spiritual person. Because Faith is not a matter of speculation, Faith is a matter of experience, and the fact that spirituality is not rational is a myth that will be successfully dispelled in the 21st century. Can you help me?


  17. The answer to this question is very simple: God created people, people created religion.

    If you ask a person: Is the universe infinite? Of course, he will answer: “Yes.” And it will be a confident “yes”, but what gives this person such confidence? Did he check the limb? “But all the facts point to infinity,” he says. And I will say that astronomers do not know the exact answer, so we do not know that it is infinite, but we believe, the same thing in God, we just believe. Sometimes faith is the only correct solution to the equation.

  18. I was an atheist in my youth. It seemed to me that believers are simply afraid of death, and therefore they are looking for a picture of the world that would promise them that there will be something else after death. Now it is interesting to recall how my emotional and subjective assessment of religion and believers made it easy for me to notice one thing while ignoring the other, and to pick up a set of facts that would only confirm my view of the world at that time.

    Later, something changed in me, and I began to feel the presence of an invisible, all-encompassing and loving force, every day and hour. A hallucination, you say? But then love is also a hallucination. It's just a subjective feeling that can't be measured with instruments. And yet love can completely change a person's life. So it is with the sense of divine presence. It's as if you know that your parent is watching you out there on your own, enjoying your success and being saddened by your failures.

    Sometimes this feeling is stronger, sometimes weaker. I remember once feeling it with maximum force. It was a mountain hike. You walk, sweating profusely, along paths between incredible heights. An hour, two, three… tired, wet, hard to breathe. And you are acutely aware of how eternal these mountains are: they were exactly the same a million years ago, and they will be the same for many millions of years to come. And your presence here is just a small, insignificant episode in their lives. And you yourself are just a small lump of slime, weak, fragile and insignificant in the midst of all this eternal vast world.

    And at that moment, when I was already at the very bottom of self-abasement and awareness of the objective meaninglessness of my own existence, it was as if a hot ray burned my soul. I felt: yes, I am small and fragile compared to these mountains, but I am very important to the universe, because I can be aware, think and feel. My presence here is necessary, I am supported and worried about me. And immediately it became warm and joyful in my soul. We are here for a reason, all this is not a blind accident, and life, contrary to Lermontov , is not an empty and stupid joke.

    Later, in Tolstoy's article “What is religion and what is its essence”, I found a definition of religion that explains what happened to me:

    “True religion is such a relation to the infinite life around us, established by man in accordance with his reason and knowledge, which binds his life to this infinity and guides his actions.”

    I recommend this article to all atheists and materialists 🙂

  19. In my opinion, when speaking about faith in God, two fundamental questions should be clarified:

    – the emergence of all things

    – the existence of an immortal soul in humans

    Both questions have no factual answers and any position on them is based solely on faith.

    I am an Orthodox Christian. I joined the church a few years later than I came to believe in God. It all started out as kitsch and a provocation against amorphous classmates. At about the same time, Protodeacon Andrey Kuraev came into my field of information, who significantly changed the image of Orthodox Christianity for me. Gradually, the understanding came that the principles that Christ's teaching preaches are good, correct, and true. Then there was a long reading of the Old Testament and comparing it with the new and recent history. The Holocaust mentioned by Nun Maria Senchukova, which for me, as a person who grew up in Russian culture, in a European civilization based on Christian ethics, is an illustration of the collective madness of the twentieth century, a bone-chilling savagery…. in a strange way, the Old Testament (Book of Kings) fits into the context as organically as possible, as if it was copied from it. I am not talking about this, but many respected rabbis, including Rav Alexander Feigin. I don't want to get into the relationship of Jews with God, but such parallels and overlays of history on everyday life leave a strong impression, reinforcing the already formed belief that the Bible is true. Ecclesiastes still has its own echo.

    Every person has such a sin, the tendency to which is especially high.. your own personal sin. In my case, this is “despondency”. Despondency is a disease of the soul that comes from a lack of love for the Creator….. and I feel like I was repeatedly turned in the right direction, and I didn't listen to it properly. Father Dmitry Smirnov is not at all the priest of my dreams, but in the famous video excerpt “son, you are already in hell” (youtube.com) said everything as it is.

    In the end, you realize that the mortal life on earth is very short, it is not known when it will end, and then…. to each according to his faith, the Last Judgment awaits me. It is good that God who has been on earth will judge us, I agree with Nun Maria))

  20. It came from hearing the word of God.

    The Lord calls us to Himself in many circumstances.

    This time I heard and chose to live in Christ.

    I found my soul's peace here in this restless world

    And I have hope to be with the Lord

    and beyond the threshold of earthly existence .

  21. I have a feeling that some power is taking care of me. Some people call it God, because it is quite difficult to believe in some abstract force… In my opinion, faith is necessary because it allows you to get rid of a certain amount of doubts, experiences, and unnecessary efforts in life. And what kind of God to believe in, everyone decides for himself.

  22. I really hope there is a God. Unfortunately, life's adversities undermine Faith. Sometimes it is so painful and bad that it gets dark in the eyes. But you still keep hoping that there is a God….I think how many trials have fallen to my share, and someone even more, but hope does not disappear. As a child, in a movie I heard about Christ, when he fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread. I asked my mother who it was. My mother explained as best she could. No matter how hard it is, I fall and crawl, but I keep hoping….After all, I loved Christ so much as a child….I don't think he's evil. These are just the rules of the game! If you want to win, you want to join his team, complete this most difficult life quest….

  23. The question is addressed to believers, not to atheists, who are now actively starting to put minuses)
    My parents never forced my faith on me. Moreover, they said that: “If there was a God, we would live better.” I myself, having overcome the phase of youthful maximalism, nihilism and denial (I was the spitting image of Bazarov)- I began to think.
    I thought a lot. About diseases, about wars, about human stupidity, about human suffering. I rarely go to church, and I'm generally afraid to be there during the holidays (active grandmothers will run over me in the queue for holy water), but I visit it 2-3 times a year. Amazing beauty, the smell of incense, its own atmosphere and prayers in Old Slavonic that are just nice to listen to. I don't like priests – fat and bearded, who, having done their work, quickly hide in their rooms, don't even want to say “hello”; I don't like kissing icons – how many germs are on their surface – it's scary to imagine!- so I try to leave before the parishioners start kissing the picture under the glass.
    My faith is not based on anything logical, not on “miracles” that I don't believe in, not on blind image worship, but on a higher level. In general, it seems to me that a person has three levels in his development – 1. just blind faith. 2. atheism as a disillusionment and a way to find an explanation everywhere. 3. faith as a universal order, where everything is interconnected, everything is ordered, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, and all this is comprehended by long reflection and bright thoughts in your head.
    It is up to the third point that I have grown so far. I see the universe in pictures; stars in the sky; animals whose existence is so perfectly thought out; vegetation-in every blade of grass there is life; bugs, cockroaches that organize themselves and find a place in our world. You begin to understand the subtle organization of everything on our planet, understand our planet as a single living organism, worthy of a better attitude to it. The universe is like one infinite path, in which we are a cog, and yet a cog is alive and contributing to the neuron of a certain being. We get to know this world through science, but maybe this world is just in your head. And each of us has our own world. Or maybe we are in someone else's head? All that remains is to love and be kind – no amount of money or Nobel prizes will make you happy as these two simplest qualities-people are made of these qualities, but very quickly forget it.
    Atheists: What do you want from God? God has left you the encyclopedia of how to behave. How to exist with each other – there are also commandments. What else do you need? You have free will, and yet it is customary to blame God for all mortal sins. (that's right, MORTALS) Enough already to pass the blame of humanity on to others. It's time to grow up and take responsibility for yourself. Diseases, wars?”aren't people responsible for their appearance and distribution?” Starvation and death?”isn't the human way of life and uncontrolled reproduction without thinking about the consequences to blame for this? Lack of resources and greed?- who is to blame if some people grab everything for themselves, while others can't buy bread for themselves? People. Only people.
    And in a difficult moment, believers always have someone to talk to. With someone who will always point out the right path, forgive, give a hand to the fallen, regret, and maybe give a kick if necessary. And it's not just the parents. It's what's inside. If you stifle all thoughts, feelings, and desires, you will find the answer.

  24. So I met a guy, and he is a seriously church-bound person. Prayers in the morning and in the evening, on Saturday to church, on Sunday from early morning to church, well, I had to, at first I was wary, I thought I was drawn to some sect, I lived as a believer, but without Christ. And then I got involved, read the Bible, the gospel, became interested, and when I began to evaluate everything that was happening from the point of view of Christianity , Orthodoxy , as if my eyes were opened, everything became clear and understandable. I generally got used to the fact that everything should be justified and there is a reason for everything , and so it became easier to live, just a charm))) religion gives answers to all questions. I used to think well, I believe because Christ is not bad, there are many things that are worse, but now I understand that wherever I turn to any aspect, there is a divine manifestation everywhere, and that there is no concept of good, bad, morality is all nonsense, there is Christ who commanded us how to live and invent nothing else)

    Everything is clear and clear. There is nothing complicated in life.

    In general, I advise you not to understand much about religion , listen to lectures of people revered in Orthodoxy and understand , reflect. And your life will become easier and you will find true happiness

  25. I always knew there was a God. Probably my mother explained it to me even before I was a conscious person. And in my thoughts, I often communicated with him, turned to him for help in a difficult moment. But I didn't have a deep understanding until I was 23. At this age, I realized that you need to be worthy of God's grace and live according to his laws. I am only at the beginning of my journey, but I already feel happy and calm inside.

  26. In BHAGAVAD-GITA 7.16, God says, ” O best of the Bharatas, there are four types of pious persons who take up the path of devotional service to Me: those who are suffering, those who seek wealth, those who are inquisitive, and those who seek to understand the Absolute Truth.” I wasn't looking for riches, I wasn't a sufferer, and if I was inquisitive, I certainly wasn't in the religious sphere. But I always wanted to understand the Absolute truth,because from childhood I was tormented by questions about why I was born, why I live, what is the meaning of this world. Therefore, when I almost accidentally heard Alexander Khakimov's lectures , God entered my life, and with him the answers to all my questions.

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