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  1. Naturally, you need to send it to the future, say a couple of centuries ahead, when immortality is very likely to be achieved, and the modification of the human body will be a matter of routine. The past is always worse than the future, so the evolution of society goes in one direction — I am sure people will become kinder, and the value of human life will increase, you will not have to work out of multiple increases in labor productivity when everything becomes fully automated.

    Just as the Middle Ages are strikingly different from our time, so the future will be completely different, unlike any of our fantasies. I think that everyone wants to look as far into the future as possible, but it is better not to look too far, because such pictures can be completely inaccessible to understanding (although the probability that this understanding can be artificially implanted increases).

    I would not romanticize the past, look for some quiet, beautiful dream there-all this can be found now, if you try, because time always contains a part of the past, finds a cozy place for it. All your dreams are just ahead!

  2. Until recently, I would have written to you here that I would love to go to the Silver Age or Perestroika, because I would really like to visit this world in its fatal moments. But, “fortunately”, the surrounding reality is such that for the last two years, if not four, I and my contemporaries exist in these most fateful moments. So now I'm seriously thinking of going to some primitive antiquity. It can be unbearable from a domestic point of view, but there is no history. It's somehow fairer to suffer from nature than from social chaos.

  3. About 10 years ago, I would have said that I would have gone to the 19th century because of literary and romantic preferences.

    But now I would choose the 1970s to buy shares of Apple and Microsoft at the very beginning of their development. A completely prosaic wish =(

  4. We can only assume with varying degrees of certainty how music sounded before the invention of sound recording. So I would like to hear Bach and Mozart, Masho and Perotin.

  5. I would go to the future, because there would already be a time machine there (if it wasn't broken), which means that you can go further from there, and the future itself is interesting.

  6. For a couple of thousand years ahead, in the future – it is very interesting to see what humanity will come to. I would like to have solved all the possible problems that are determined by the limitations imposed by the body-death, illness, limited cognitive abilities, as well as all sorts of stupidity and aggression due to hormones and a fundamental subconscious need for dominance, that's all…

    Alternatively , you can even exist without a body in the traditional sense, for example, in the form of a program or a distributed network: D

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