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  1. If you have already decided on your specialty, then you can go to college. There is more practice, everyone will explain and usually hold on to each student. It is much easier to study at HSE in the same specialty after the open source course. In my city, for example, you can enter HSE in your specialty through internal testing, but you don't need any Unified State Exam. And also after secondary special education, you can already try to work in your specialty and study part-time.

  2. It's not clear here: you just failed the exam in the session and can retake or you were expelled. In any case , it's not the end of life. The end is when your heart stops beating. Analyze what you did wrong. Maybe this is your attitude to learning or it's just not yours and the material you learned was bad. And go ahead. If you want to stay in Europe and continue your studies, then choose a university there and enter in a year. Ask yourself the question: why? Maybe you don't need a college degree. Think about it, for you, education is a crust or something more? Whether or not you can find a job without it. You can take a closer look at the top universities in Russia, MGIMO says that if not a session, then hell. True, it is difficult to get there, but they give a decent education there. How to overcome depression? It's hard to stifle an unpleasant feeling, you just have to understand now that either in a year you will change something, or despair will consume you. I'll give you an example. A friend of mine, entered a university at the age of 20 on the money of his parents and was expelled, because he was an ordinary lazy person, but in order not to break his life, he was transferred to a correspondence course. A year later, he passed the Unified State Exam and entered the budget in Kazan. And he is currently studying at Kazan Federal University. In the same school where Lenin studied. He is now 22 years old. Plans tend to change. �For him, the deduction was an impetus. It might open up new doors for you, too. Just understand what you want and start taking action.

  3. The first thing you need to understand is that flunking the exam is, of course, a shame, but not fatal.

    There are always other options ALWAYS, it is necessary to take note of yourself!

    If you failed the Unified State Exam and now you can't enter the university you want, I see several ways here

    1) this is a great chance to retake the Unified State Exam next year, and during this year to work and perhaps understand who you really want to be

    2) go to a simple university, and if you don't like it, then retake the Unified State Exam again and go where you want to go

    3) go to study in Europe ( this is not as expensive as it seems, in many countries education is free) many of my friends, including me, did not pass the Unified State Exam well, and now they are studying in one of the coolest universities in Europe

    We need to understand that the Unified State Exam is not an indicator

    If you fail the exam at uni and you are kicked out, then again, there are several ways

    1) retake the exam with a commission

    2) transfer to another simpler university ( as my friends also did)

    3) maybe this is a great chance to understand that your chosen profession is not yours, but you have long wanted to study dance instead of applied physics)

    4) try yourself for the next year

    Remember that there are always ways, everyone has faced it and it's really not scary, you just have to sit down and think

    Good luck, you will succeed)

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