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  1. Great question, because it's timely. Because the Bible says that there will come a time when the government will say that religion is not true. Moreover, religion will be destroyed, despite the links with business and politics. This is written in beautiful imaginative language in the book of Revelation, chapter 17. If you are interested, then see who puts this idea in the minds of governments. This is written in verse 17 of the same chapter.

    And most importantly, this will be the beginning of events that will eventually lead to the fact that evil will be destroyed forever on Earth and people will live forever without getting sick, without dying, doing what they love. But that's another question )))

  2. If you are asking about hardworking devils with tridents , then the probability of such an outcome is extremely small, much less than the abrupt complete extinction of humanity from a mutated virus, for example.�
    If you're asking if people will start behaving like devils , the answer is ” depends where.” The level of crime depends on many factors, including the level of education of the population, its security, social security, and so on.�
    It can be assumed that in countries where atheism is widespread or the issue of religion is not considered important, the situation will change very little, because they do without religion right now.

  3. Hell on earth won't start,because it didn't even stop. Many will simply deny that this is a deception and continue to live in the same way, someone will get angry and a riot will begin. Nothing special will happen. History has seen this before.

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