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  1. I'm afraid that everything “smart” has long been said to people (and there is no one else to say “in the world” yet). And given that “people usually use everything said against themselves” and/or others (to the detriment, in fact), it is better to remain silent (therefore, those who really had “something to say” did not leave behind a single hand-written line, who knows does not speak, says the one who does not know).

    1. The world in any sense needs not words, but deeds. Yes, and not anyhow, but by faith, and faith is needed alive, and not anyhow (and faith is inside, and not in “external” words or other “images”). The life of people has long been a theater, we, as actors on the stage, put masks on our faces and play various “roles” in the general “social performance” (we think one thing, say another, do a third), so instead of a face (alive), we have a “personality” (like a dead mask, “posthumous”), a definition of common sense (what is a person?) no one can give it, but everyone “idolizes” it (i.e., the theater of the absurd is obvious). We want freedom, equality, and justice… isn't it? And what it is and what they are eaten with still do not know (that's probably why we really want them?).
    2. In terms of meaning, if there is something to share with each other (on business, not for “entertainment”), then probably knowledge. But “knowledge” is not transmitted as a disease or dope of any kind. What we call “knowledge” is mostly just ” information about knowledge “(information), which is only suitable for bragging or solving crosswords (because a person does not know how to use such knowledge successfully and for the benefit of himself and others). Real knowledge can only be learned (by yourself, on your own experience). The teacher can only help with this (a real teacher comes when the student is ready… learn). Yes, and there is no better teacher than life itself (and even its “lessons” we “learn” for the most part “at random”, i.e. we do not learn from our own mistakes, not to mention others'). I can't say anything better or more than what life “tells” people. And again, any knowledge in fact, a person first tries to make a “weapon” (to make a “bomb” to kill their own kind) in order to “gain an advantage” over others and thereby “reign” over them… look carefully around you… this is impossible not to see, alas.
    3. You can of course nod to the fact that there are “bad people” (who distort everything, selfishly use it in their far from “good” interests, interfere with the development of others in order to “eliminate competition”, etc.), which are very few (a few percent), and all the other supposedly their “victims” (who need to be helped therefore). And I do not see “bad people”, I see only “good” (because I love everyone), not people “spoil the world”, but relations between them (bad). How many times has it been said (that you need to fight bad relationships, not “bad people”), and who is still there. Why? Yes, because almost all people consider these relations “good”: slaves fought against slave owners, not “against slavery “(dreaming of becoming slave owners themselves)… Now everyone wants to “become rich” (because ” wealth “gives” all the benefits”), no one wants to “be poor” (and there can be no “rich” if there are no much larger number of “poor”, otherwise “wealth bonuses” will stop working!). What is the fault of the “rich” Sidorov, if he is better than others “adapted” to the very relations between people that all the “poor” (Petrov, Popov, etc.) actually crave? .. it takes a little time for his place to be taken by the next one in terms of “adaptability success” (the person is not important) and everything will happen again (fighting with people, and not with relationships that “bad people” generate). Look at the history of mankind, it consists entirely of such examples. Bad relationships naturally “push up” the most “bad” of us (the most adapted to these relationships), and therefore human blood flows from time immemorial in rivers of waste.
    4. Well, so people need to say something important in the sense of morality and ethics (what do religions teach)? So it has long been said: “Whoever wants to be first, let him be last of all, and a servant of all “(Mark 9: 35). But I do not see that ” pastors “seek to” humiliate themselves “and be slaves to their” parishioners”; on the contrary, they even demand to call themselves” fathers”,” priests”, etc., and teach the” flock “to be” slaves “(in words” God's”, but in practice their own). But do it differently… in their place (“shepherds”, not “sheep”), there would be others (perhaps even more cynical and hypocritical), because the “flock” itself does not even allow the thought of worshipping a “slave” (to obey, obey and learn from a slave), because only the “king” is not ashamed to worship (right?). Sin is not in words or deeds, sin is in thoughts (what we secretly dream about is what we have as a result, we dream of dope – we get “suffering” from it). It is customary to use morals for “appearance” and not for “inside” among people, and therefore I don't see any point in talking about it.
    5. So maybe tell people the whole truth about them? Of course, you can immediately find fans and ardent adherents of what has been said. They will create a party (or religion), and they will implement these “right words”. How? – Yes, as described above (how else?). After all, everyone hears only what they want to hear, sees what they want to see and understands what they want to understand, and therefore the only meaning is to “start everything with yourself” (if you change yourself, the world will change). But who needs such a “science” (long known to everyone) if around… some enemies are shorter.
    6. So maybe our more advanced “brothers in mind” will “teach”us something? Have you ever wondered why “The universe is silent”is so strange? Maybe because it knows something that we don't want to know (for example, that we are actually unintelligent)?
    7. So maybe God will say? And who will listen to It? If I tell you that with each person the real God “speaks” constantly directly “here and now”, but no one sees or hears Him, will you really believe me (after all, this is a clear lie)? Those who need God have “found” Him a long time ago, and the rest are “looking for miracles” as far as I can see…

    Live and learn the science of life to live happily ever after!It is only this empty platitude that I can “tell the world.” But who needs it if literally every person has much more important, necessary and relevant tasks, goals and priorities (after all, a well-fed person does not understand a hungry person?).

  2. People, learn to think” positively”, because positive thinking forms an optimistic worldview and, as a result, leads to a correct worldview, which is necessary for all people, because it cures heart diseases and is their prevention; after all, we all know that most of the human population dies from heart diseases, so take care of the main happiness of life-health!!!!

  3. Absolutely, unambiguously and indisputably !!! I would like to wish the whole WORLD Peace, Friendship, Brotherhood, as well as Health, Love, Happiness and all the best. And most importantly, from the bottom of my Heart and soul – frankly and sincerely.

  4. Most likely, I would have done exactly what I wanted, in this case, to do Andrey Razmetnov from Sholokhov's “Raised Virgin Land”. Namely, to cover everyone at once with a swear word.

    If you think deeply, this is the most practical way to address the world. Without any quotation marks. Because in this case, there is at least some hope that the dumbfounded masses will ask the question-what is it about us so? For what?

    And here the most important thing is to choose exactly those terms that even a Negro of advanced years will understand.

  5. I will answer in my father's words:

    “Hurry to live, hurry to love…hurry up to do good…our time in this best of worlds is not infinite…HURRY UP TO BE YOURSELF…”

  6. Oh…

    I don't know, it's hard to imagine that it would be very useful, but it would be another matter if it happened as a result of climbing Olympus, but oh well.

    I'd probably say something close to that:

    • Be frugal with people, your environment, and your resources
    • Be moderate in everything, in wealth, swagger, gluttony, empty talk.
    • Learn, gain knowledge, expand your horizons, and share your achievements.
    • See the world as a gift worth protecting at all costs.
    • Dream and make your dreams come true, as the Earth is our cradle, and sooner or later we will have to find our way to the stars.
    • Take care of your children and grandchildren, they are your future.
    • Be fair to yourself and others, and don't let anger cloud your mind and conscience.

    But without the acquired authority of at least half the world, these words are worthless, people will listen and forget immediately, it was thousands, thousands of times…

  7. I would have shouted, even shouted: “How do you want to live happily and how do you want people around you to live as well, so that at the very least, they would not spoil your joy”

    And in my heart I would say-let all people be able to enjoy life!

  8. The world is complicated, so do not be fanatics, do not believe any slogans – such simplifications when trying to implement them will not have the effect that is expected of them.

  9. I'd say I don't need them. Strong, beautiful, smart, rich, great, funny, funny, successful, charming, sexy, caring, friendly, generous. Not needed. And perhaps I would add that they should go about their stupid lives.

  10. Do not do evil, for it will be returned to you a hundredfold (a hundred times more).Live according to the commandments, for they are the protection of a person from wrong actions. When we kill others, we kill ourselves.

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