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  1. Interpreting quantum mechanics is a sooo confusing and thankless topic. This assumption is not the only one of its kind, it was possible to meet with the hypothesis of the influence of virtual particles from a parallel universe even. It is important to understand two things: 1. it is described by abstract mathematics, which has nothing in common (almost) with the usual world; 2. it is, it just exists and that's it

  2. Yes, you can interpret it like this. Or you can do it in another way. The word “interpretation”, applied to quantum mechanics, refers to attempts to fit quantum reality into the framework of our classical thinking. And by definition, any interpretation of this kind is always a little bit of a lie, a little bit of a game with words and pictures in an attempt to understand quantum mechanics better, and how our familiar world is born out of this quantum reality. There is no correct or incorrect interpretation, it can be more convenient in a particular situation and less convenient.

    If we speak in fact, the electron has no “path” or “trajectory”, it is simply out of these categories. Like, say, wind, magnetic field, or temperature. A path is a classic concept. However, in a number of problems, if you think of the wave function of an electron as a weighted sum of all possible trajectories, this can lead to an idea of how to calculate this or that probability.

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