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  1. Beauty is a very subjective concept . Even if we take the philosophical orpedelenie ” beauty is a harmonious combination of elements of the object.” Throughout the history of mankind, the concept of a harmonious combination of elements of an object has changed more than once. And this definition is very subjective. Yes, in general, a person needs to survive . like any other system in the universe, strive for harmony , for a certain balance within yourself and harmony with the environment, otherwise everything will fall apart. Therefore, he perceives the world in accordance with his inner world. Some people find exceptionally beautiful classical works, while others are fond of Cubism. Just because it is a reflection of his inner state , or rather what he likes in the world around him, often balances his inner disharmony, or when a person creates something, it is already a reflection of his inner world. This is how we perceive the people around us. Some people think the models are beautiful , others don't. But with the perception of close people, everything is more complicated: in addition to external data , the psychological factor of habituation , similarity with parents, hormonal status, and so on is superimposed.

  2. So, beauty is a philosophical category and poorly applicable in practice. Nevertheless, smart people have already formulated a definition that I think is very succinct: beauty is a harmonious combination of elements of an object. Based on the definition, it turns out that beauty is objective, everything depends only on the degree of harmony. It's hard to disagree, because we all know about symmetrical faces, the golden ratio, and other constructs that help determine the degree of harmony. However, why does someone find something beautiful and someone finds it ugly? Here cultural, historical, and personal aspects are superimposed on the philosophical category, i.e. subjectivism appears. For example, for us, say, Europeans, a slender woman with shaved legs, smooth skin and well-groomed hair is considered beautiful. But in the novel “War and Peace”, the first beauty Natasha Rostova had a “soft mustache” on her upper lip and wore a corset that made her waist impossibly narrow. The country is one, the culture is one, the people are one, but different times and the standard of beauty is different. You can find a lot of examples. Nevertheless, it becomes more or less clear that in the case of beauty “in general”, it is certainly objective, but when considering special cases, many subjective factors have to be taken into account.

  3. It is impossible to give a specific answer, as I believe. On the one hand, looking at a person, you evaluate it using personal criteria, but these very criteria often coincide with people, which is why we got a certain “standard” in the form of girls with a thin build, long hair, plump lips, small nose, etc. In men, the most common criteria are athletic build, pronounced jaw and cheekbones. In general, it is worth watching any beauty contest, where all the participants are similar as one. Here it is also necessary to separate beauty from attractiveness, since attractiveness is determined scientifically. To learn more, I would advise you to search for information about the 7 laws of attractiveness. Attractiveness depends on the smell, plastic, and the environment in which the person grew up. For example, in Russia, due to harsh living conditions, masculine facial features are most popular; in countries with warm climates and high incomes, on the contrary, softer features are considered beautiful.

  4. I think that beauty is a very subjective concept.It is difficult to assess it objectively,but you can try to compare the opinions of different people based on the accepted criteria.Also, everything may depend on the object to be observed.The conclusion is that if there are any ways to evaluate this object, then beauty is a more objective concept.If not, then you can only make a comparison based on the opinions of different people.

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