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  1. The main disadvantage of this theory is the idea that there is a linear development of society, while in practice we see that these “stages” are intertwined with each other, sometimes one temporarily displaces the other, but after a while a new change occurs. This is not to say that the scientific stage is the pinnacle of knowledge, since no scientific theory can claim absolute truth, otherwise science would become dogmatic. True knowledge is found somewhere between metaphysics, theology, and science, and in the search for this knowledge, humanity is constantly rushing from one to the other.

  2. In my opinion:
    The advantages are related to the fact that O. Kont. excellent description of stage 1 and 2. I would say bull's-eye. They are good in their essence, because if you go into the details of describing these stages, you will immediately notice O. Comte's generally abnormal view of many things. For example, the underestimation of human consciousness in each of these stages.�
    These stages are good to know, they make sense.�
    Disadvantages. The entire disadvantage is associated with the third stage. It is worth saying that about.Comte had an almost maniacal love of science. He even invented his own religion based on science, which is funny. Therefore, all his statements about science are good only in their first sentences and beginnings, otherwise they take on a delusional semi-utopian look.�

    Well, the general drawback of all such early theories about the development of societies: their consistency. They must inevitably take place sequentially. There are no deviations. History has shown a hundred times that this is not so, but at the time of O. Comte's life it may have looked so, perhaps even due to a lack of information about the early history.

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