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  1. It would have the right to live if there was a single ideology on the planet that would satisfy everyone. But this is hardly possible. People tend to have their own ideologies and worldviews that will differ from others. Therefore, the only ruling regime in the world can not exist, political beliefs, morals, ideas and opinions. There will always be people who speak in opposition, who have their own opinion that differs from the generally accepted one, who believe in a different ideology and consider it correct.

    But you can't say that this is a bad thing. How many people – so many opinions. F in the presence of several different societies, this utopia is impossible, since the rules of competition will remain, and resources are not infinite at all.

  2. This is utopia. People are too different. What is good for some, woe to others. When some are happy, others are unhappy. The only way to make everyone happy is to make everyone the same.

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