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  1. Warming is true. There is a century-long cycle: after the medieval climate optimum, the cooling began, which peaked during the “little ice age” at the beginning of the 17th century, then the warming began again, which continues now. The world will reach its medieval maximum sometime in the first half of the 22nd century.

    So global warming is true. Only the anthropogenic influence on it is a myth. Let's just say: it is not proven in any way, the same thing happened in the pre-industrial period.

  2. Truth. Most of all, this is felt where eternal winter is. Watch the movie” Chasing Glaciers ” from 2012. This is a real experiment that National Geographic conducted in the Arctic. A fascinating and, at the same time, terrifying sight.

  3. It is absolutely certain that the concentration of carbon dioxide on Earth is abnormally increased due to the burning of coal and oil, i.e. due to human activity. And this is a greenhouse gas, i.e. the more it is in the atmosphere, the better the Earth absorbs the sun's rays and as a result warms up.

    The concentration of carbon dioxide has already broken all historical records not only for the cycles of the last hundreds of years (see the graph below), but also for hundreds of thousands of years!

    At the same time, the average temperature on Earth has not yet broken historical records. It's true. But the situation can be compared with the fact that in early March in Moscow, the temperature for 10 days rose from 0 to +20 degrees and continues to grow. Some say that this is a disaster, and others say: “come on, it wasn't even 30 last summer — no surprise.” But if such a rise in temperature continues, it will not seem too small, and most importantly, it will be difficult to stop such an increase – it will be necessary to somehow collect back all the carbon dioxide that was obtained as a result of everything that we burned. That is why environmentalists are already suggesting that we look for solutions, although right now we are not fried yet.

  4. Good day to all time of day. I will tell you everything very briefly. As a geologist, I can say one thing: on earth, the air temperature changed cyclically (Milankochiva cycle) �for several thousand years, this is evidenced by the study of ancient ice layers (analysis of glacial cores formed in Antarctica and Greenland). The graphs of ice core research clearly show that the current warming looks just like one of the periodic warming events.
    So, this is far from a myth, but the question is: can we solve this problem?
    In general, there are a lot of theories about this, but I hope other users of our wonderful site will tell you about them.

  5. Of course, it is true, but it would be good to remember that the nature of our planet, like the human body, is capable of self-regulation and is subject to certain cycles in its metabolism. Thus, warming and cooling both occur systematically and have a complex and multi-faceted spiral mechanism, for which we are no more than bacteria in the ethnic group of our intestines. And the use of any facts, paired with the opinion of the majority of the population without their own opinion for their own selfish purposes, as it was long before us, will remain, nothing new here=)

  6. Humanity has been observing climate change on this planet for only a hundred years… In light of this fact, talking about “global warming” as a kind of planetary crisis is just a farce. And they still make money from it…

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