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  1. We are dealing with a population that has been negatively selected by church and secular organizations for many centuries. Anyone with common sense and a free mind was burned and hanged for almost two millennia in a row.�

    As a result, the population mainly consists of descendants of those who were not destroyed by churchmen and dictators. Descendants of those who survived through gullibility, subservience, and lack of independent thinking.�

    What do you want from these people? So that they don't gather in droves to fake the “gifts of the magi”? These people have little idea who these magi were and when they lived. Like their ancestors, they don't deal with facts. It is said to bow , and they bow.

    From this we can conclude: That is, some society with morality, and some with demorality, that is, the majority.

  2. We are living in the most beautiful time ever. Everything is available to us. Due to the fact that humanity is becoming smarter with each generation, everyone can determine the boundaries of morality/demorality for themselves. So, I don't think that we are morally inferior to our ancestors.

  3. I will refrain from thinking about what morality is, whether its absence is possible, in principle, how it is formed and changed.
    Now it is very fashionable to say that it used to be better, and around only women of easy virtue and unfaithful husbands are goats, and before that there were ladies of the heart, loyal knights, and the grass, of course, was greener.

    Previously, just a couple of hundred years ago, you could have been sold (if you were unlucky enough to be born in the appropriate class) or sold in a nice and veiled way (if you were unlucky enough to be born a woman). You could also be killed (under the same conditions), pay a fine of a few coins, and move on with your life. Yes, this is happening now, but it is illegal and absolutely condemned by everyone. They are trying to counteract this (well, as much as they can), but at that time it was the absolute norm.

    In addition to such fatal things, moral standards, especially for Europeans, allowed them to throw slops out of the window, walk around the big one in the corner of the ballroom, not wash for years, and do other wonderful things from the point of view of hygiene. Now such a person is not that immoral, marginal will be considered.

    But maybe all this dirt and danger is compensated by the purity and chastity of people? Again, no. Actually, not at all. You can find eyewitness accounts of how in the morning the husband and mistress and the wife and lover all drink morning tea together and sweetly discuss plans for the day. They weren't bad people, they just married very rarely for love, most often weddings were played with full calculation, sometimes between strangers. There was no one at first sight, for life and “they lived happily ever after”, this is a Disney fiction. For us, it's crazy, but some sweet Cinderella was happy not because she loved the prince, but because she was well settled (aka fulfilled the prescribed purpose at that time), just like some modern young model, another wife of an oligarch.
    Now, by the way, marriages of convenience are actively condemned, those who want to improve their financial condition at the expense of marriage are called gigolos and whores. At the same time, it was a model of family decency and honor for a young girl to marry a rich man, even if an old man. And you can't get a divorce, even if he can't do anything anymore, even if he feels sick, even if he hits. Naturally, there will be lovers and mistresses, well, most people can not do without love, and we have not yet learned to love by order. And this is normal.
    At balls in the corners, they also managed to arrange a club-worthy hookup. Girls practiced anal sex in order to remain virgins (there was no question of any spiritual or moral purity here, the main thing was not to break up, so that later the husband knew that his children, at least the first). Hence the fashion for dogs among ladies. Very often used anal passage did not hold gas, so all unsightly sounds and smells were pushed to the dogs.
    The system of favoritism and its political and social impact can be ignored altogether. And the bastard problem.
    In the poorer class, everything was simpler. There's not much to share. But there is a custom with hanging out sheets after the first wedding. I think it's obvious that this was tested. Of the children, usually most, if not all, of the inheritance was received by the eldest son. And the point is not at all in the decrees of Peter the Great. It was just that a man was considered the owner of everything, and he gave all his money to the child who was more likely to be his, since the mother was still checked with a sheet. And whose subsequent children are there, go find out.

    There weren't any spiritual impulses either. Only a couple of percent of the population can read. All sorts of lyrics and epics that are now called examples of pure love and heroism, firstly, were the invention of romantic poets (a little akin to modern tragic stories about “you got my heart transplanted” on the Internet), and secondly, were not available to most. People, for the most part, did not think about morality, purpose and other beautiful things. They tried not to starve to death and to find those who were not as bad together as at home. And for any such thoughts, they could be beaten, or even burned for heresy.

    And now we live at least in a period of honesty. People read, watch, and say what they think. There are more books written in a year than there have been in decades or even hundreds of years, and they may be inferior in quality to Shakespeare, but they are unlikely to be any Troubadour poems.
    If two people are happy together , they get married, if it gets bad, they go their separate ways. Converge with others. They may not marry at all if they don't want to. Most are together for love. This is much more moral than being chained for money or politics for life to a person you don't love, but just tolerate, cheat on him or live a life without love.

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