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  1. Always. For example, you can take the work of the last of the five good emperors of Rome, Marcus Aurelius, “To myself”. All the same, all about the same thing. Accepting the inevitable, for the sake of calming and creating.

    if one of the gods told you that you were going to die tomorrow, or at least the day after tomorrow, it would not make much difference to you between dying the day after tomorrow and tomorrow, unless, of course, you were a very cowardly person-because what difference is there? – just as it doesn't matter if you die years from now or tomorrow

  2. No, now in modern society, values have changed a lot and there has been a substitution of concepts.

    Especially-teenagers, to serious things such as life have become frivolous to treat, but on the contrary, very seriously perceive interpersonal relationships and other garbage from social networks.

    The concept of “marriage” has also changed dramatically and divorces have become more frequent.

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