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  1. An ideal society from a moral point of view is probably a society where no one ever acts immorally.

    This is only possible if people simply cannot act immorally. That is, their behavior is forced. And forced behavior cannot be moral, only free behavior can be moral. If I have forced you to act morally, it will not make me or you moral.

    Ants don't do anything bad to their nest, but it's unlikely that anyone is willing to call them highly moral, precisely because they are talking about automatic behavior.

    It also raises the question of whose moral assessment we are talking about. In morality, there are both extremely broad conventions, such as “thou shalt not kill”, and problematic ones – any ethical dilemma.

    And personally, I believe that a person for whom there are no moral dilemmas is obviously immoral, doubts about his rightness make us moral-with this approach, there can be no question of any ideally moral society, any society that perceives itself in this way becomes a deliberate evil for me.

  2. This is possible and very beneficial in many ways for all members of society because of the very high level of quality of life in such an ideal society.

    Clarification-strictly practical and scientific, we can only talk about a smooth increase in the level of moral and moral culture-gradually, “step by step”, without jumps and jerks. A smooth transition from the immoral and ugly to the moral and beautiful.

    In practice, it is enough to follow the very simple practical principle of “do no harm”. For this guaranteed success, it is enough that all the powerful capabilities of all life activity systems – especially and primarily the systems of science and education, education and culture, control and encouragement – are maximally focused on this principle.

    It will be a Super-Civilization with super-capabilities.

  3. Um. “Is it possible”? Yes, everything is possible in the World, because otherwise it would be incomplete – something would be outside of it, and, therefore, there would be some other World. The world should not be called “Peace”, but, for example, “War”, “Prison” or “Non-Seven-universe”. Looking at the World from this point of view, it is safe to say that the famous statement “Everything flows, everything changes” is wrong. If there are changing things in the World, then there are things that don't change. The soul never changes. It gets dirty, but it doesn't change.

    “Is it even theoretically possible to create a morally and morally ideal society?”

    Yes, it is possible. This is a very simple question and depends on how the society is organized (created).

    Society can be organized correctly and incorrectly. In our time, society is organized incorrectly.

    In our time, society is organized as follows::

    1. Master of power. (There are only a few families here.)
    2. Power.
    3. People.

    Is society properly organized like this:

    1. Master of power. (All the people.)
    2. Power.

    I will read what I wrote: in a properly organized society (in our time and the state), the entire people (voters from all the people) are the master of power in the state (society) and are ABOVE the power in the society (state), and in a wrongly organized society, power is ALWAYS seized (by fraud, fists, murders, and so on) by an insignificant part of the population, both in quantity and quality, and becomes its master. It solves all the most important issues of society and the state and, when it sees fit, can intervene in the solution of any other issue in the life of society and the state, and the important, medium and small issues are left to the master of power to his lackeys, recruited by him to power in his own image and likeness, and all of them together (the master of power and (Hangers-on can also be found in the entire people – the people of the capitalist metropolis.)

    An improperly organized society is organized in this way by perverting morals. After all, how can a minority, who are also gentlemen, win the people in elections? “Only by using deception, blackmail, beatings, murder, and other such worthy qualities from the arsenal of English gentlemen. Otherwise, the minority can't even imagine winning the election. Why? Because the minority is always smaller than the majority. (Well, here we are. It is already necessary to prove that 22, all other things being equal, is always greater than 21.)

    And vice versa. The majority of the people need only one thing to seize power in society or in the state (read: “to organize the proper work of society and protect themselves from a minority of scoundrels, because the people will always have enough people who want to sit on their necks”) – a majority of votes, which they always have. Violence, deception, murder, and so on are not just unnecessary under majority rule, but on the contrary, they prevent the majority of the people from holding power in their own hands. Therefore, honesty and conscience in a properly organized society automatically take their place in human values. What place? Top spot. Conscience is above all else in the world.

    What do we say? Man became man through the development of his mind-this is how he stood out from the animal world. Keep your pocket wider! A person became a person due to the fact that on the basis of the mind (and any well-developed animal has a good mind) and Chance (a combination of different natural circumstances), he raised his conscience. Therefore, the person received consciousness. The mind (the development of the mind) is here a by-product and is no more relevant to the isolation of man from the animal world than a mail horse is to the correspondence it transports.

    The mind can both help the conscience to rise up, and slow it down, suggesting “easy and effective ways”.

  4. Both in theory and in practice, any society can be created, even a society of cannibals, even Mother Teresa is everywhere, you just need to shut up the mouth of those who live now and educate the next 2 or 3 generations on a certain ideology in a closed space, everything is certainly not so simple, but figuratively this is how you can achieve an ideal society, the only question is how long such a society can last before smart thoughts begin to poseshat какому

  5. Theoretically, it is quite possible to create an ideal society, but…

    The catch is in the task itself: “perfect … societies”.

    1. “Ideal” according to what laws of morals and morals? Who will judge? What is moral in the Dakotas and Altai may be immoral in Manhattan and Sodom. And vice versa.
    2. The company consists of members of the company. How the quality of an ideal crop is made up of perfect grains.

    An ideal society will require “ideal” people.

    And to a person, “ideality “(wisdom) comes only with old age. And then, sometimes old age comes alone.

    But theoretically, it is quite possible to create an ideal society consisting of … one perfect person.

    Become perfect and in your society you will have this ideality.

    Or two! find yourself a spouse who will also be perfect, you will have an ideal family-a piece of society.

  6. Morals and morals are those things that are not regulated by laws and the criminal code. These concepts are spiritual and come from religion. That is, what you say is the characteristics of a religious society. I was told miracles about Saudi Arabia. There, you can forget your wallet in a public place, and then return a few days later to pick it up where you left it.

  7. No. To call something perfect, you need it to fully meet certain criteria. There are no clear criteria for morals and morals, since they are different for different peoples, plus they change over time.

  8. Dear Odin, It is not time for us Russ to move from theory to practice and build a Society of Decent Relations, putting at the forefront of our Ancient Faith, according to which our bright ancestors lived. Honor, Wisdom, Dignity, Hard Work will be combined with the Power and Greatness of the Family, Ingle, Perun. Add to them the Beauty of Surozha, Lada, Makoshi and all the best achievements from Rurik to Putin. We will multiply these words by the activity of the Rus, the glorious Russian people, and get a society similar to the ideal, which can be developed to infinity ( without end). As a result of this consistent development, the word “possible “will be transformed into the word” real ” and disappear from our lexicon forever.

  9. Theoretically, you can create absolutely anything. Almost everything depends on the nature of man. Man is mortal. He therefore needs to provide himself with a comfortable old age, and few people succeed in this. Fear of a terrible old age pushes people to do bad things. Greed and greed arise. Second, a person likes power and control. This comes from primates where there was a leader in the pack. Power and control make a person violent and lead to violence, manipulation, intrigue, and lies. These things cannot be eradicated, they can only be weakened. Perhaps in the future, after some kind of genetic modification, it will be possible to breed a separate kind of people who will be able to build much more just communities, but so far we have what we have and can only move towards weakening our sinful nature.

  10. As long as money rules the Earth , as long as the majority of people have the goal of life – wealth, as long as society is respected not for intelligence, qualifications and hard work, but for the amount of money in the account and the position held, even theoretically it is not possible. It's still a semi-savage society.

  11. It is possible to create a “morally and morally ideal society”. This is what you need to want to do. It is necessary for each member of society to work on himself, in the matter of self-improvement.

    For this reason, humanity has been given a great amount of knowledge. They are accessible and at a distance closer than an outstretched hand.

  12. No, because morality and maral, love and friendship are an invention of people for manipulating other people,� from here we can conclude that this is not possible in principle.

  13. I will not give my own arguments and proofs, but will turn to the opinion of authorities. Quote from the novel “Cat's Cradle” (1963) Kurt Vonnegut:


    And I remembered the Fourteenth Volume of Bokonon's Writings — I had read the whole of it last night. The fourteenth volume is entitled:

    “Can a reasonable person, given the experience of past centuries, have even the slightest hope for a bright future for humanity?”

    It won't take long to read the Fourteenth Volume. It consists of just one word and a period: “No”.

  14. Only in Theory. In practice, as the USSR has shown,it is much more difficult to squeeze a “monkey” out of a Person than a slave.

    A monkey, because it is a monkey that hunters catch alive, based on its developed sense of ownership. In a box with a hole just for the monkey's hand, they put a banana or something else that is valuable to the local monkeys and leave.

    When the monkey reaches into the box and grabs a banana, it is unable to let go. HE'S HER banana. Here it is under the furry hands and take.

    And as long as the Monkey is alive in us, there will be no ideal-moral society

  15. Theoretically, yes!


    Why? What prevents this from happening? What controls the behavior of each individual? What makes him do this or that?

    In an ideal society, there should be absolute agreement among its members.

    Completely different people are united by a single goal – a single idea. And what idea governs modern society? – Achieving personal well-being!

    What, first of all, does each person expect from others? – fulfilling his wishes. Even if a person close to him acts against his will, then he enters into a conflict with him.

    So, what controls the behavior of each individual person? “Selfishness! And, imposing your will!

    We can't even dream of any kind of harmony in our society.

    The Communists hurried to build Communism. While selfishness prevails in the human mind, it is too early to think about it.

    Being determines consciousness, but consciousness also determines being.

    It is necessary to create such an existence, such a structure of society that will change the attitudes in consciousness that control the thinking and, accordingly, the behavior of each person.

    It is necessary to transfer a person from an animal state to a new one.

  16. The problem is that morality is a relative concept. And a society that is completely moral from one point of view will be completely immoral from another. Here, for example, is a society where everyone enthusiastically builds a new future, under the guidance of wise rulers, gets rid of shortcomings and their carriers who do not want to be corrected, where many roads are open to talent… The Third Reich fits that description.

  17. The answer to your question is available, but as usual there is a certain but… I'll explain.

    If we consider the situation in a global sense, then “yes”, if we consider the situation in the light of today's reality, then”no”.

    And I first paint for the global. So, in the life of our universe there are various time periods, the so-called yugas. There are only 4 of them: Satya-yuga, Treta-yuga, Dvapara-yuga and Kali-yuga. It is said that in Satya-yuga, demons and righteous persons are born on different planets. In Treta yuga, demons and righteous people are born in different states. In Dvapara yuga, demons and righteous people are born in different families. Do you see how the boundaries between demons and the righteous converge? So, in Kali-yuga, the demon and the righteous are born in the same person. At the same time. I.e. how exactly does a person act, i.e. as a demon or as a righteous person, the person himself decides.

    And so. You can see for yourself what is happening now in the light of approaching the present reality. That is, a person can easily start behaving both as a criminal and as a demon.

    Moreover, the following point should also be taken into account here. How is it that we are here right now? Here, in this material world? Where were we before that? We weren't all here before. Before that, we were all in the spirit world. There we were engaged in quite a variety of activities, but it was devoted only to one thing: there we all served God. Service is a very, very regulated thing. And one day it happened that we began to envy Him. We wanted the same position as Him, the same opportunities as Him, the same worship as Him. And some people decided that he was so cool that he could live without It. By the way, this is where the claim that It doesn't exist comes from. And some people wanted to enjoy permissiveness and a sense of impunity. And since we can only get all our material desires here, in the material world, we were immediately transferred here and now we are here.

    And it is quite possible that a certain individual right now suddenly really wants to enjoy permissiveness. And although you (let's say) put a huge amount of effort into creating a kind of righteous society (you inspired people by your own example, taught them, persuaded them, called them, led them), they decided that here they were bored with something, they should do something and get out like an ultrasound, like a bomb,something like a kalash… Well, you know… And he starts. And you grab your head with the eternal question: “What else did they lack?”

    That is, you can build this type of society, but not here and not now.

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