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  1. Is the question posed correctly?

    Anything is theoretically possible. And in this case, I am almost certain that some will choose to follow this path: conservatives and traditionalists have always been there.

    But another mystery follows. Is it really important?

    I don't think so. Why? Even if it's because the rate of progress will be faster in the future. If, for example, we compare the not so distant XX century and our time: the speed of life has increased significantly! The situation in the region has changed dramatically in 5 years. New technologies are emerging in the markets that replace the old ones in a generally rational way with efficiency and efficiency. That is, despite the existence of borders and national research, technologies are distributed in the world and no one needs to be captured to bring technology to some land. They will come there by themselves! And if they refuse them, they will soon find themselves on the reservation. Look at the villages of Native American communities in America: old people are afraid of the new, and young people can no longer live the old traditions and are eager to go out into the big world! The old tribe dies, assimilating into the new society.

    And now, after a little lyrical digression, imagine what speed can be in the near future? Well, let's start, over 40 years old. In the worst case scenario, it should be at least doubled. Should we talk about the best case scenario?

    Therefore, returning to the author's question, I will say: yes, it is possible, but how long will this part of humanity be able to do this without falling into a kind of”reservation”?

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