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  1. Unfortunately, no. Whatever any particular religion says about pleasure, there is a conflict of logic. Hedonism is based on the materialistic logic of pleasure. In fact, hedonism is a natural consequence of the epistemological “minimum program”: what is true is what we can verify” here and now ” by our own experience. Religion (with the exception of neo-paganism and other unusual phenomena) implies the transcendence of truth. Thelema and Lavey's Satanism have already been mentioned here. The question arises: are they really religions?

  2. I know at least two religions that allow this: Satanism of La Vey and Thelema of Aleister Crowley (by the way, thelema is often identified with Satanism, which is completely incorrect). The first two of the nine Satanic commandments read::

    1. Satan represents indulgence, not abstinence!

    2. Satan represents the essence of life instead of unfulfilled spiritual dreams.

    What else can I add? Hedonism as it is.

    Next, about thelema. The Book of the Law, the main Thelemitic text, reads:

    “Therefore be beautiful in your appearance; put on fine clothes; eat rich food and drink sweet wines and foamy wines! Also eat your fill of love according to your will, whenever, wherever and with whomever you want! But all this is in my name.”

    Also, as you can see, enjoying life is encouraged if it is in the name of the goddess Nuit. Although unlike Lavey's Satanism, where spirituality is generally denied, Thelema recognizes both the spiritual side of life and the physical side.

  3. Depends on the definition. If for you the religious life is, roughly speaking, to be baptized when “it seems”, then such a life is quite compatible with hedonism. But if we take the ideal religious life, that is, the life of a righteous person, then you will not be able to combine it with hedonism, because the principles of such a life reject hedonism. Of course, you can try to combine them, but it will be called ,as the Russian people like to say all over our vast Homeland, “and eat a fish and sit on the fuck”.

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