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  1. In a music school, nothing is too difficult. If you want, you can study all this yourself from textbooks or go to courses with a teacher or a private music school. All the necessary theory is given under the logical title “Elementary Music Theory”. Well, on the Internet on this topic, of course, too, a lot of everything is written. All this can be mastered in six months or a year, if you study hard enough. It is important to work out the theory on your own instrument, analyze other people's works in order to understand how the theory works in practice.

    A more in-depth theory course includes analysis of form and harmony. As a rule, these subjects are already studied in schools.

  2. In a music school, subjects can be divided into 2 categories: the ability to understand music(styles, authors )and solfeggio. Solfeggio teaches musical hearing, reading notes, gives the ability to understand scales ,chords . You can compensate with solfeggio classes (books) + musical practice (you listen to notes , chords, and guess what note, chord). Ask your friends to play pionino and guess what they think .

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