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  1. Loading consciousness. There is a hypothesis of scanning the brain and transferring its contents, consciousness, to a certain artificial environment, which can be a computer or the Internet. There is a scientific project Blue Brain Project funded by IBM, designed to implement the idea of digital immortality.

  2. If we look at the present time, I can give an example of one girl who, unfortunately, committed suicide. Before her death, she left the deathbed status in the VC, after which she lay down on the railway tracks. It has become a popular Internet meme. And if we talk specifically about the future, then at the moment, as I know, scientists are engaged in brain transplantation. Work is underway on the human nervous system. They are still trying to create artificial intelligence. I do not think that for humanity there will be a problem to “transplant” the human brain into a computer and from it to the Internet.

  3. I advise you to read Michiya Kaiku “Physics of the Future”. In this book, the scientist describes the future for a hundred years ahead. This topic is also very well covered separately there. The book is very interesting, I advise you to read it. One of the best books I've read lately.

  4. Not at this stage of development. And even if we can understand the entire complex structure of the brain, we simply don't have enough memory to fully load the entire brain. After all, according to rough estimates, the brain stores up to 1 petabyte of information. And 1 petabyte is quite a lot.

    All people will not be resettled. A couple of hundred at most.

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