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  1. Great question!!!

    The desire to be individual, to have something that others do not have , etc., I think everyone has, not to mention knowledge. Especially ” exclusive “knowledge , which even with a strong desire to get it will be difficult and in general they are”exclusive”.�

    But here's the problem . People moan from the fact that everyone around them is uneducated and in general the culture is at zero (I exaggerate, but still), and you yourself soon start to get mad from the fact that many people do not understand anything in this or that issue. And this is exactly where I was faced with a choice :

    a) Be like Golum with his charm and never tell anyone (also exaggerating , but I think the essence is clear )

    b) To share knowledge without leaving the country for the sake of mass education.

    Clearly, the former is almost impossible to do .�

    Well, you can see that I chose, otherwise I would have shared all sorts of thoughts here .

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