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  1. As for me, it depends on the person himself, and his desire to learn. I have many foreigners, among whom there are such excellent students that our people even envy them. But there are also those who don't care about everything. I think this is due to the fact that their parents give them a lot of freedom and money. And with such people, it's hard to stay away from all the charms of the city. Here you will find beautiful girls, cars, alcohol, and cool parties in clubs.

  2. Oh, oh, oh, Ruslan, with your question you are entering a very narrow path of chauvinism and nationalism. But I will try to answer your question within the bounds of decency.

    It is obvious that most Russian universities (and students) are concentrated in our capitals-Moscow and St. Petersburg. Initially, there are more places in them than local residents could enter them. Therefore, residents of the republics of the Caucasus, which is logical, go to study in cities with millions of people, if they are not interested in studying at home.

    The governments of the republics, such as Chechnya or Dagestan, are very actively cooperating with Moscow universities. Target locations are created specifically for residents of these regions. What does it mean? The authorities pay for the education of “their” students, and in return they promise to return home after graduation and work for a certain number of years for the benefit of their small homeland.

    The results of the Unified State Exam do not matter here, the main thing is to pass the mandatory minimum in points. The main question now is how to get these places and who gets them, but you can answer it yourself. The only fact is that virtually anyone can get the target place-and the most important excellent student from a small village, and the second cousin of the second sister of the head of republic N, who can hardly add up 2 and 2.

    So it turns out that the “target groups” traveling to the capital for the most part may represent a not quite educated stratum of society, which does not want to be enlightened. Other regions of Russia also send their “Cossacks” to study in the capital, and there are also many students who have received these places for some unknown reason.�

    But due to the fact that the Caucasian communities are highly developed and their representatives have their own cultural roots, “local” students also have a stereotype that “Caucasians do not study well”, because Lena-an idiot from Syzran and Pasha-an idiot from Bryansk is difficult to write down in any common social group.�

    Phew, that wasn't easy to write 😀 Make peace not war.

  3. Of my 25 students, four were Caucasian. Three of them were the best among the others in my disciplines.
    By the way, one of them had a better Russian language than the Russians who had lived in St. Petersburg all their lives, and the guy moved already at school age.
    Caucasian, Tajik, American, Chinese, Russian…The quality of your knowledge largely depends on your own priorities and efforts, and not on your nationality.�
    PS – I do not defend anyone and do not scold anyone,people are different, this is a fact, but is there any point in such loud absolutisms?

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