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  1. Maybe from the point of view of physiology there is something in this. But “developed mind” is funny somehow. Naturally, I can't talk about everyone and foolishly generalize concepts.. But… The young girls that surround me are just a shame. I'm studying at a fairly large institute and it's just getting scary. Budeshchie teachers-girls almost universally their primary task in the 1st year put the search for a guy and sex. After that, they go to clubs at night and drink beer and a yellow tabby on the embankment, while the institute guys, from the worst, play computer games. The generation is dirty, vile and ugly. I'm becoming asexual. And this is despite the fact that in drunken arguments I always defend the rights of women, which are not recognized by our underdeveloped post-Soviet thinking.

  2. Emotional intelligence in women is much more developed, i.e. empathy, sensitivity, understanding of the motives and desires of others. These skills create the basis for further analysis of life situations, adaptability, and, accordingly, the acquisition of wisdom. In fact, this is due to a more complex hormonal system, which affects the psychology of behavior.

  3. I remember my teenage years, on average (on average, I don't like generalizations at all), the girls in the class were no smarter or dumber than the guys. What matters more is a person's personal intelligence) so it's a stereotype

  4. This is true in a certain period of time. This is considered in developmental psychology and so show statistical studies. But this applies to middle school and adolescence. Then, at the end of adolescence, boys quite catch up with girls in terms of intellectual and general development.

    Of course, all this also depends on all sorts of socio-psychological factors, environment and heredity, as well as all human development. But in the case of 70% of boys and girls, the situation is exactly the same.

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