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  1. This is a very difficult question. I know women who consider themselves Orthodox feminists. And there are even more people who fully share fem ideas, although they do not call themselves a feminist – and at the same time are Orthodox. Vanderzin wrote about this – https://www.wonderzine.com/wonderzine/life/good-question/229892-feminist-theology

    I myself do not see any contradictions with feminism in the New Testament. In the Old Testament, I see it. In the rhetoric of the Russian Orthodox Church-generally a nightmare, it is a super-feminist oragnizatsiya.

  2. Quite possible. Moreover, it is only a matter of time before the Orthodox community takes the same position as the Catholic and Protestant communities (the latter with reservations for extremes in both directions). Of course, it is unlikely that this will go as far as in some Protestant parties with lesbian bishops and Christos, but there will be progress.

    On the other hand, Christianity, even Orthodox Christianity, is one of the most female – friendly religions. What are the only two Marys who play a key role in the story described in the New Testament? Moreover, the closer Christianity is to the original one, the less misogynistic it is: in its oldest edition, while believers were hiding in the catacombs, there was total equality and brotherhood in general, and ideas such as the harm of education for the female reproductive function were mainly uttered by enlightened atheists.

    By the way, perhaps my first acquaintance with feminist literature was an article in some Ukrainian-language Catholic (most likely with the prefix Greek-) publication of the late noughties, where it was discussed that one should not be afraid of women's emancipation and briefly considered the contribution of women to Christianity.

  3. I think not, if only because Christianity is based on the Bible. Have you seen much of the Bible's adequate treatment of women? There is no question of any equality there.

  4. If there are such concepts as Orthodox fascism, Orthodox Stalinism, and even Orthodox atheism, then why not ?�

    as a certain deviation from the “party line”, a movement like the Enteo movement” God's Will “- yes, they are possible, but they will be” marginal ” by default, and not canonical. Orthodoxy, especially Russian-very, very conservative ( preserved) Conservatism (from Lat. conservo is an ideological commitment to traditional values and practices, social or religious doctrines. The main value is the preservation of the traditions of society, its institutions and values.

  5. No, it is not possible, because discrimination and violence against women is one of the foundations of any religion, and a feminist who understands at least a little about the movement and its elements will never support any of the existing religions.

    a friendly reminder that not everyone who calls themselves a feminist is one.

  6. It is not entirely clear what exactly the author means by feminism in Orthodoxy? If “the struggle for women's rights and equality” is meant ,then ” in principle, this is not only possible ,but the church is gradually moving in this direction.Not so long ago, a woman in trousers,for example, would not have been allowed to enter the temple ,but now you are welcome.Well, if you are talking about matriarchy, then this will not happen in the foreseeable future.

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