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  1. A theory satisfies the Popper criterion (it is falsifiable and, accordingly, scientific) if there is a methodological possibility of refuting it by setting up an experiment, even if such an experiment has not yet been set up.

    Therefore, we can say that the theory of the absence of God is unscientific in general. And let the fanatics on both sides sleep well.

  2. Scientific knowledge is something provable, it is the presence of a hypothesis that is based on something. First of all, scientific atheism is based on a critique of religion, and in this case it is scientific, because it asserts that the data on the origin of life and�The facts of the universe, about the existence of the soul, which religion gives us, are refuted by the data of science.

    However, apart from criticizing religion and proving its failure in some matters, scientific atheism cannot provide evidence for the non-existence of a higher mind. In this regard, there is an absolutely legitimate point of view that atheism is the same religion, only vice versa: “I believe that God does not exist.” In this case, the postulate “I believe that God exists” is no different from it.

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