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  1. Religion is an apparatus for achieving the Ideal, Harmony. But religion itself is not ideal, and neither is any human institution. Moreover, the closer a person comes to the Ideal, the more he feels his inferiority in comparison with It, “his sinfulness and the fallen nature of the world.” The priest, taking out the cup of communion, says, ” I am the first sinner, Lord.”

    Believers understand that there are many dark spots in religion, that priests are also human beings. But they love their religion. As everyone loves, for example, their father, although he is not an ideal person.

  2. Is sectarianism ideal?

    Any religion is a sect. And it has nothing to do with faith. These are categorically different things. So much so that they are not even compatible in the realities of the modern world, but most people, thanks to their stupidity, do not understand this.

  3. Is philosophy lucky? What is the question… this is the answer :))

    What religion? What do you mean perfect? Why is the question asked? Nothing is clear… or is it just white noise on the air?

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