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  1. Although ideas about fate are quite common in religious circles, I personally think that fate does not exist at all. The popularity of the belief in it is explained by two reasons. First, it is generally unpleasant for people to realize their personal responsibility for everything that happens in their lives. It is much easier to assume that they are targets of attacks and, ultimately, victims of external forces that are objectively stronger than them. Or vice versa, someone's favorites. And secondly, it is even more difficult for us to accept that there are actually laws in the universe that allow for the operation of His Majesty Chance, and sometimes people who are themselves good get into bad circumstances. For example, a virus by its nature is not able to figure out who is in front of it, a righteous person or a sinner, it simply affects a person and he gets sick. The same goes for a tree falling on someone's head.

  2. We don't choose anything ,we only have the illusion of choice. I'll buy some pedotvorchestvo, or honey, see where, but in fact it's already been decided long ago, where you'll learn, or drop out, etc. and so on for the rest of your life, as if we choose, and the fateful moments are all chosen for us

  3. Different faiths give different answers to this question. God gave Christians the right to choose, and then it is this choice that he will evaluate at the last judgment.

  4. Yes, everything comes from God on a subconscious level, but there is also such a saying as, ” Hope for God, but do not be bad yourself.” Therefore, I think that no matter what fate is set for us, we need to remain human and do everything possible to make life more comfortable and clean in terms of bad deeds.

  5. Fate is a program that is registered in the natal (astrological) chart, at the birth of a child. But this is not a sentence, but a predisposition to certain events, which can be corrected with a competent approach, by contacting a good astropsychologist(it is difficult for a person without the appropriate knowledge to figure it out on their own). The date of birth also has a fateful meaning, it is never random. There are no accidents at all, there are always reasons for everything that happens. I am engaged in private practice-I conduct personal consultations.

  6. Here's what the Word of God, the Bible, says about this issue::

    “I call heaven and earth to witness before you today: I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life, that you and your descendants may live ” – Deuteronomy 30 chapter 19 verse.

    According to these words, our future largely depends on ourselves. After all, if we did not have free will, it would be pointless, and even cruel, to encourage choice.

    Would you force a person to do something and then blame them for doing it? Let's imagine a father who, when leaving for work, locked his son at home so that he could not go anywhere. When the father returns home, he sees that his son has been sitting there all day. Will it be possible to understand a father if he asks his son why he didn't go for a walk, or punishes him for not walking the dog? Will this be fair?

    “You reward every man according to his deeds,” King David wrote in psalm 61, verse 13.

    Would it be fair for God to hold us accountable for our actions if he had pre-ordained them?

    Reflecting on these passages of Scripture leads me to conclude that God does not determine my fate, but gives everyone the freedom to choose.

  7. Themselves. God can only expect something from us, but He never prescribes a rigid program. We are given complete freedom to choose between good and evil. But we are also affected by our past choices, as well as the evil done by other people.

  8. The fate of man is preordained before birth by God´┐Ż

    Good or bad fate depends on the parents and on the one God.

    It can change your destiny.

  9. To believe or not to believe in God is a significant question! I believe that everyone has their own God that they believe in. And to each of us, it gives us Hope for the best. And, most importantly, everyone has it in their soul, because a Person cannot live without Faith, even in himself!!! I also hope that the God who is inside me and in my thoughts will help me someday! I want to note that sometimes you apply, and it helps. I don't know if it's faith, stupidity, love, or something else, but it helps. (I have my own prayer). And all this to the fact that I'm a fool in love!!!

  10. Good day to you!

    Here you should refer to folk folklore:

    “if you're going to drown, you won't burn.”

    Which means: your path extends from point ” A “to point “B”.

    And how you overcome it is up to you personally.

    The connection of Fate with a book character(one of the pseudonyms of which is the name God or Lord, or Lord God) is a very controversial and purely philosophical question, because neither this book character, nor its manifestation in this world, nor Fate – our contemporaries have not observed…

    And here, too, you should turn to folk wisdom:

    “Do not believe your ears until your eyes see.”

    That is, “believe”(or know) should only be based on the cumulative confirmation of the phenomenon by our senses, followed by an assessment of the data obtained by the mind.

  11. The Lord God defines everyone's mission, his goal from birth, without violating the boundaries of his will! He has a plan that we are clearly following! But it is a fact that God is real. And do not forget that we are being watched, then it can be a shame

  12. According to Islam, there is no complete predestination, and there is no complete free will. Therefore, a person is responsible for their actions. One two three four five.

  13. From the standpoint of science and the biological nature of man, his fate is predetermined by the physical laws that are present in the universe. Otherwise, life is a series of causal and random phenomena, which are currently impossible to predict.

    For example, I can predict my own death within the next 100 years with a high degree of probability, because this is human nature, which we cannot do anything about at this stage of development. I can predict with some certainty the death of the Sun in 5 billion years, if our ideas about the evolution of stars are correct.

    With your own volitional efforts, you can really create your own destiny – for example, go to the other side of the street and (who knows?) escape from the collapse of the roof. Moreover, you can do this by following unconscious signals – for example, you noticed some movement on the roof out of the corner of your eye, and your brain sent a threat signal to the decision-making centers. However, there is no scientific evidence that it was some higher power that forced you to do this.

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