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  1. There is a hypothesis about a possible link between intelligence and hereditary diseases of the nervous system. Jews have many such diseases (the most famous is Tay – Sachs syndrome, and there is also Gaucher's disease, mucolipidosis IV, Niemann-Pick's disease, and others). In the homozygous form – when the mutation is inherited from both parents-they completely disrupt the normal functioning of the brain. It is assumed that in the heterozygous form, when one copy of the gene is altered and the other works normally, these genes can, on the contrary, improve the functioning of the nervous system. For example, they disrupt the natural growth regulators of synapses, they grow like weeds, and a person becomes smarter.

    Here is a scientific review that examines this hypothesis and in addition a few social ones: utah.edu

  2. I can't say anything about biological reasons, but there is another important reason. Jews roamed a lot, property could be taken away by anyone: Christians, Muslims, I don't say anything about the Second World War. So the Jews decided to have something they couldn't take away – education. Therefore, there is a tradition to send children to school, teach music, etc.

  3. Everyone is beating around the bush. The whole point is that their religion/ideology-Judaism-is the essence of instructions for enslaving peoples. Their holy scripture Torah (Old Testament, for Jews) teaches that they are a special God-chosen people and their task is to rule over all peoples with the help of the instrument of loan interest. “Do not lend upon usury to thy brother, nor silver, nor bread, nor anything else that can give rise to; to thy lend upon usury, but unto thy brother thou shalt not give rise to, to the Lord thy God hath blessed thee in all that thou settest thine hand, in the land whither thou goest to possess it” Deuteronomy 23:19. Right here you can see that the basic tenets of Christianity (the new Testament for the goyim) of humility and expectations Paradise fit perfectly into the enslavement. Such a small world.

  4. I recommend reading Cesare Lombroso's “Genius and Insanity” on this subject, where he touches on the topic of Jewish success in various areas of intellectual activity. As far as I remember, he attributed this to the favorable influence of the European climate, confirming that Jews living in the Middle East do not have such outstanding results. I can't say how reliable this point of view is, since the book was published in the 19th century, but the opinion is curious.

  5. You just haven't seen enough Jews to notice the less intelligent ones among them. In other words, Israel, which boasts the largest collection of Jewish types, is full of both smart Sfaradim and rather dim-witted Ashkenazim. This is not to mention a couple of dozen less well-known groups, among which there are also smart and not particularly.

    All within the statistical framework: eight out of ten Jews of any group will be on the average level. Like all other nations.

  6. In the Jewish community, every man-shopkeeper, shoemaker, doctor, blacksmith-had to learn and interpret the Torah. Logical thinking, memory, skills of reasonable, correct polemics were pumped up, intelligence acquired unconditional moral value. Plus, living in a community is often a contemplation of two worlds: one's own and the one that represents the indigenous population. And finally, the third factor: more than 600 commandments with a lot of nuances, subtleties and conflicts. To observe them, you need concentration and will.

  7. As such, there is no theory. That is, there is no such thing that an Ashkenazi has such a gene, but a German does not. But there are other defining moments. For example, culture and community. After all, historically, the Jews (namely, the Ashkenazim, because the Hasidim hung out more outside of Western Europe) concentrated monetary resources. This is due to the idea of a good profession among Jews — monetary, say, smart. Families that can provide children with a good education often have children who are better educated than others. Secondly, there is also the 'good Eugene boy' moment – who is a violinist and a mathematician, and he is brought up in this vein. Third (and this is already the argument of anthropologists), due to the closeness of the community, Jews translate their abilities well through the genome, and these are not the ability to quickly solve chemical equations, but the abilities of character: strong-willed, arrogant (in the good sense of the word) and any other. Character, unlike the ability to analyze complex breakouts, can really be traced genetically. At the same time, all because of the same genome, Ashkenazis are much more at risk of getting some congenital and fatal diseases in the near future. This is called the bottleneck effect: the disease has an entrance to the people's gene pool, but it can no longer be removed. But it doesn't affect your mental abilities.

    But there is an explanation for why brilliant scientists are rarely born among traditional Arabs (but! It is not key, but the key is still the culture and traditions that are much less conducive to science than, for example, the same Western European-Jewish one): here, people who marry have not just a similar genome, but almost identical. 30% of marriages made in Saudi Arabia are between cousins. This directly affects intelligence. But even here everything is conditioned by culture: intra-family marriage keeps the inheritance within the same family, which is very convenient and traditional for Muslim communities.

    Always yours, not the most gifted Ashkenazi

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